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LEGO - Legends of Chima - Lennox' Lion Attack - 70002

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Product Description

Join Lennox on an epic mission to protect the Lion tribe's valuable CHI from the clutches of Crug. Equipped with the mighty Lion Attack vehicle, this set is filled with thrilling features and endless adventure. 


  • Includes 2 minifigures: Crug and Lennox, and a weapon: Experience the clash between Crug and Lennox as they battle for control of the CHI. Choose your side and engage in fierce combat in the world of Chima.

  • Features CHI, big claw attack function, all-wheel drive, lion head front, and rapid-fire disc shooter: The Lion Attack vehicle is packed with incredible features. Deploy the big claw attack, utilize the all-wheel drive for navigating challenging terrain, and fire rapid-fire discs to defend against enemies.

  • Includes Crug's standard weapon: Arm Crug with his standard weapon, increasing his combat prowess and making him a formidable opponent in the quest for CHI domination.

  • Power through the jungle with all-wheel drive: Conquer any obstacle with the Lion Attack's all-wheel drive system. No terrain is too challenging for this mighty vehicle as it powers through the jungle in pursuit of Crug.

  • Shoot the rapid-fire discs: Load up the rapid-fire disc shooter and unleash a barrage of discs on your enemies. Maintain control of the battlefield and keep Crug at bay with your swift and precise attacks.

  • Fire the two flick missiles: Add an extra element of firepower with the Lion Attack's two flick missiles. Launch them at Crug and defend the Lion tribe's CHI with utmost precision.

  • Protect the Lion tribe's CHI: Assume the role of Lennox and become the guardian of the Lion tribe's CHI. Your bravery and strategic thinking will determine the fate of the CHI and the future of your tribe.

  • Impressive dimensions: The Lion Attack measures over 3" (10cm) high, 7" (19cm) long, and 6" (16cm) wide, providing a substantial size for an immersive and exciting play experience.