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LEGO - Legends of Chima - Razcal's Glider - 70000

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Product Description

Soar high above the mystical world of Chima in Razcal’s Glider and join the action-packed adventure to help Razcal guard the powerful CHI. With its impressive features and unique abilities, this glider is a must-have for every LEGO Chima enthusiast. 


  • Includes Razcal Minifigure: Join forces with the fearless Razcal and become a part of the Raven tribe as you embark on thrilling missions to protect the CHI.

  • Features CHI: The glider comes equipped with the valuable CHI, a mystical energy source that grants immense power to those who possess it. Use it wisely to fuel your battles and defend your tribe.

  • Folding wings: Unleash the glider's potential with its foldable wings that allow you to switch between different flying modes. Adapt to various situations and conquer the skies with ease.

  • Grabbing legs: The glider is equipped with grabbing legs that give you an edge in battle. Use them to fend off rival tribes, snatch the CHI from their grasp, and ensure the safety of the Raven tribe.

  • Chain with handle: Capture rival tribe members and prevent them from stealing your tribe's precious CHI using the glider's chain with a handle. Take control of the situation and assert your dominance.

  • Razcal's buildable blade: Arm Razcal with his own buildable blade, enhancing his combat skills and making him a formidable force against any adversary.

  • Protect the Raven tribe’s CHI: Take on the role of a guardian and protect the Raven tribe's CHI at all costs. Your bravery and strategic thinking will determine the fate of your tribe.

  • Impressive dimensions: The glider measures over 2" (6cm) high, 10" (26cm) long, and 7" (18cm) wide, providing a substantial size for an exciting play experience.