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Magic: The Gathering [Challenger 2018] - Counter Surge Challenger Deck

Magic: The Gathering [Challenger 2018] - Counter Surge Challenger Deck

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Deck Colors: Black / Green

Counter Surge Decklist


  • 4x Winding Constrictor
  • 2x Scrapheap Scrounger
  • 1x Walking Ballista
  • 3x Rishkar, Peema Renegade
  • 3x Dreamstealer
  • 2x Gonti, Lord of Luxury
  • 3x Verdurous Gearhulk
  • 4x Longtusk Cub
  • 2x Walk the Plank
  • 2x Hour of Glory
  • 4x Blossoming Defense
  • 1x Fatal Push
  • 4x Aether Hub
  • 4x Foul Orchard
  • 2x Hashep Oasis
  • 8x Swamp
  • 7x Forest
  • 2x Lifecrafters Bestiary
  • 1x Dispossess
  • 2x Die Young
  • 3x Cartouche of Ambition
  • 4x Duress
  • 2x Appetite for the Unnatural
  • 1x Slice in Twain

Item Features & Details


Instant Standard Gameplay: Elevate your Magic: The Gathering experience with the [Challenger 2018] - Counter Surge Challenger Deck. Designed for immediate action, this deck provides a quick entry into Standard gameplay, making it ideal for players eager to skip deckbuilding and dive straight into the action at local Friday Night Magic events.

Diverse Strategy Options: Explore a variety of winning strategies with the Challenger 2018 decks, each crafted from some of the best strategies in the Standard format. The Counter Surge Challenger Deck, in particular, offers a powerful and competitive deck, allowing players to experience different playstyles right out of the box.

Complete Main Deck and Sideboard: Equip yourself with a comprehensive arsenal as each Challenger Deck includes a complete sixty-card main deck and a fifteen-card sideboard. This ensures players are well-prepared for a range of matchups, providing versatility and adaptability during competitive play.

Local-Level Playability: Unleash competitiveness at a local level with the Counter Surge Challenger Deck. Tailored for immediate playability and competitiveness, this deck is perfect for those seeking success right out of the box, making it an excellent choice for Friday Night Magic events and local tournaments.

Product Description


Dive into Standard gameplay effortlessly with the Magic: The Gathering [Challenger 2018] - Counter Surge Challenger Deck. Crafted as a quick entry point for players eager to bypass deckbuilding and engage in local Friday Night Magic events, this deck offers immediate competitive action. Among the four decks built from top-tier strategies in Standard, the Counter Surge Challenger Deck stands out with its powerful sixty-card main deck and a versatile fifteen-card sideboard. This meticulously designed deck ensures playability and competitiveness right out of the box, providing an accessible yet formidable choice for players seeking success in local-level Magic: The Gathering tournaments.

The Counter Surge Challenger Deck not only delivers strategic depth but also offers a seamless transition into the Standard format. With its carefully curated deck composition, players can confidently navigate various matchups, making it a reliable choice for those who desire a competitive edge at local gaming events. Immerse yourself in the thrill of Standard play without the hassle of deckbuilding, and conquer your opponents with the Counter Surge Challenger Deck's immediate prowess and versatility.

Box Contents


Counter Surge Challenger Deck

Protective Packaging

Product Information


Fandom: Magic: The Gathering

Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

Year Manufacturered : 2018

Item Weight: 0.45 pounds

Item UPC: 630509731947

Manufacturer Description


Challenger Decks are the quick window into Standard and are intended for players who want to skip deckbuilding and jump into Standard at their local Friday Night Magic right away.There are four decks built from some of the best strategies in Standard. Each Challenger Deck comes with a complete sixty-card main deck and a fifteen-card sideboard and is intended to be playable and competitive at a local level right out of the box.

About the Manufacturer


Wizards of the Coast Products stands at the forefront of the gaming and entertainment industry, offering a diverse and captivating range of officially licensed merchandise inspired by iconic franchises. Renowned for its expertise in tabletop gaming, Wizards of the Coast has expanded its influence to include a wide array of consumer goods that cater to fans of Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and other beloved properties. From intricately designed collectibles to engaging board games, Wizards of the Coast Products provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich worlds of fantasy and strategy that have made the company a household name in the gaming community.

With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity, Wizards of the Coast Products has earned a global reputation among gaming enthusiasts. The company collaborates closely with licensors to ensure that each piece of merchandise not only resonates authentically with the fan base but also aligns with the rigorous standards set by intellectual property owners. This dedication to both creative expression and compliance positions Wizards of the Coast Products as a trusted destination for fans seeking top-tier officially licensed products. As a retailer, we are proud to offer Wizards of the Coast's meticulously crafted items, providing fans with the opportunity to enhance their collections with the best in tabletop gaming and entertainment memorabilia.

About the Fandom


Magic: The Gathering, commonly known as Magic or MTG, stands as a preeminent collectible card game renowned for its intricate mechanics and immersive lore. Originating from the creative mind of mathematician Richard Garfield, the game debuted in 1993 under the banner of Wizards of the Coast, swiftly captivating a global audience. Within this expansive universe, players embody the personas of formidable Planeswalkers, wielding magic across an intricate multiverse brimming with diverse planes, each teeming with its own fantastical inhabitants and mystical energies.

In the realm of Magic, participants assemble decks comprised of spells, creatures, and artifacts, engaging in strategic duels against fellow players. Its gameplay mechanics pivot around resource management, synergistic card combinations, and nuanced decision-making, affording players a rich tapestry of strategic avenues to explore. Over the years, Magic has cultivated a sprawling tapestry of lore, continually expanding through the release of new card sets that introduce fresh characters, realms, and gameplay dynamics. Beyond its gameplay, Magic has cultivated a fervent following, manifesting in organized play events, vibrant online communities, and an extensive array of merchandise, spanning novels, comics, video games, and collectible merchandise.

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