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Magic: The Gathering - Dragons of Tarkir - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Relentless Rush

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Product Description

With a preconstructed intro deck for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, you can be certain you'll learn the game's ropes and win rather fast. The Relentless Rush deck is part of the Dragons of Takir game expansion, from 2015. 

Kolaghan is one of these elder dragons, and this deck is dedicated to her. There are 60 cards in this deck, and the item also has 2 booster packs along with the rules and the strategy sheet. 

Boltwing Marauder, one of the 20 creatures appearing in this deck, has an alternate art foil. The remaining cards are Lands (25), Instants (7), Sorceries (4), Enchantments (2), and Artifacts (2). 

Relentless Rush Decklist:

Creatures (20)

2x Lightning Berserker
2x Kolaghan Aspirant
3x Kolaghan Skirmisher
2x Kolaghan Forerunners
2x Screamreach Brawler
2x Ambuscade Shaman
2x Warbringer
2x Sprinting Warbrute
1x Boltwing Marauder
2x Swift Warkite

Instants (7)

1x Foul-Tongue Shriek
2x Twin Bolt
1x Foul-Tongue Invocation
2x Flatten
1x Foul Renewal

Sorceries (4)

1x Duress
2x Tormenting Voice
1x Defeat

Enchantments (2)

2x Impact Tremors

Artifacts (2)

1x Kolaghan Monument
1x Vial of Dragonfire

Lands (25)

1x Evolving Wilds
13x Mountain
11x Swamp