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Magic: The Gathering - Duel Decks - Jace vs. Vraska

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Product Description

If you like duels and preconstructed trading card decks, then perhaps you would be interested in the Jace vs. Vraska set from the Magic: The Gathering game. 

The decks designed for Duel have 60 cards each. This means a dueling set has 120 cards. In a duel set, 60 cards will fight the other 60 cards in the set. In this deck, the main opponents are "Jace, Architect of Thought" and "Vraska the Unseen." 

The Jace and Vrasks cards in this deck received new art. Both decks have 24 cards representing Lands. The number of creatures in each deck differs. The Jace deck has only 20 creatures while Vraska's deck received 24 creatures. The remaining cards in each deck are "Spells" cards. 

Jace Decklist:


Planeswalkers (1)

1x Jace, Architect of Thought

Creatures (20)

1x Aeon Chronicler
1x Æther Adept
1x Æther Figment
1x Archaeomancer
1x Body Double
1x Chronomaton
1x Crosstown Courier
1x Dream Stalker
1x Errant Ephemeron
1x Jace's Mindseeker
1x Jace's Phantasm
2x Krovikan Mist
1x Leyline Phantom
1x Merfolk Wayfinder
1x Phantasmal Bear
1x Phantasmal Dragon
1x Riftwing Cloudskate
1x Sea Gate Oracle
1x Stealer of Secrets

Spells (15)

1x Agoraphobia
1x Claustrophobia
1x Control Magic
1x Future Sight
1x Griptide
1x Into the Roil
1x Jace's Ingenuity
1x Memory Lapse
1x Prohibit
1x Ray of Command
1x Remand
1x Spelltwine
1x Summoner's Bane
2x Thought Scour

Lands (24)

1x Dread Statuary
2x Halimar Depths
21x Island

Vraska Decklist:


Planeswalkers (1)

1x Vraska the Unseen

Creatures (24)

1x Acidic Slime
1x Corpse Traders
1x Death-Hood Cobra
1x Drooling Groodion
1x Festerhide Boar
2x Gatecreeper Vine
1x Highway Robber
1x Mold Shambler
1x Nekrataal
1x Ohran Viper
1x Oran-Rief Recluse
1x Pulse Tracker
1x Putrid Leech
1x Reaper of the Wilds
1x River Boa
1x Sadistic Augermage
1x Shadow Alley Denizen
1x Slate Street Ruffian
1x Spawnwrithe
1x Stonefare Crocodile
1x Tavern Swindler
1x Vinelasher Kudzu
1x Wight of Precinct Six

Spells (11)

1x Consume Strength
1x Grisly Spectacle
1x Hypnotic Cloud
1x Last Kiss
1x Marsh Casualties
1x Night's Whisper
1x Stab Wound
2x Tragic Slip
1x Treasured Find
1x Underworld Connections

Lands (24)

9x Forest
1x Golgari Guildgate
1x Rogue's Passage
11x Swamp
2x Tainted Wood