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Magic: The Gathering - Duel Decks - Speed vs. Cunning

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Product Description

If you never played Magic: The Gathering, a duel deck is a fast and good way to start learning its ropes. Duel trading card decks are specifically designed as pairs, and each deck has a theme. Speed VS. Cunning will make the clans Mardu and Jeskai from Tarkir face one another.

These paired decks contain 120 cards in total, meaning any deck has only 60 cards. Usually, these decks contain new or alternative art. This deck has a new border and 6 cards representing previews from Khans of Tarkir, the 65th game expansion.

Speed VS. Cunning features 24 Lands, 22 creatures, and 14 spells. The decks represent, each, one aspect of the dragon. The set also includes the play guide, the strategy insert, and 2 red goblin tokens. 

Speed Decklist:


Creatures (22)

2x Beetleback Chief
2x Dregscape Zombie
1x Flame-Kin Zealot
1x Fleshbag Marauder
1x Frenzied Goblin
1x Goblin Deathraiders
1x Goblin Warchief
1x Hellraiser Goblin
1x Hell's Thunder
1x Infantry Veteran
1x Kathari Bomber
1x Krenko, Mob Boss
2x Leonin Snarecaster
1x Mardu Heart-Piercer
1x Ogre Battledriver
1x Oni of Wild Places
1x Scourge Devil
1x Shambling Remains
1x Zurgo Helmsmasher

Spells (14)

1x Act of Treason
1x Arc Trail
1x Banefire
1x Bone Splinters
1x Dauntless Onslaught
2x Fiery Fall
1x Fury of the Horde
1x Goblin Bombardment
2x Krenko's Command
1x Orcish Cannonade
1x Reckless Abandon
1x Shock

Lands (24)

2x Evolving Wilds
1x Ghitu Encampment
10x Mountain
2x Nomad Outpost
3x Plains
6x Swamp

Cunning Decklist:

Creatures (22)

2x Aquamorph Entity
1x Arcanis the Omnipotent
2x Coral Trickster
1x Echo Tracer
2x Faerie Impostor
1x Faerie Invaders
2x Fathom Seer
1x Hussar Patrol
1x Jeskai Elder
1x Kor Hookmaster
1x Lightning Angel
1x Lone Missionary
1x Master Decoy
1x Sparkmage Apprentice
1x Sphinx of Uthuun
1x Stonecloaker
1x Thousand Winds
1x Willbender

Spells (14)

1x Arrow Volley Trap
1x Fleeting Distraction
1x Hold the Line
1x Impulse
1x Inferno Trap
1x Lightning Helix
1x Mana Leak
1x Repeal
1x Stave Off
1x Steam Augury
1x Swift Justice
2x Traumatic Visions
1x Whiplash Trap

Lands (24)

10x Island
3x Mountain
2x Mystic Monastery
7x Plains
2x Terramorphic Expanse