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Magic: The Gathering - Magic Origins - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Hunting Pack

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Product Description

Like many other intro packs for Magic: The Gathering, the Hunting Pack is a bi-colored one as well. This deck is part of the Magic Origins, the 17th Magic Core set from 2015. This set has 5 intro decks in total. However, the expansion itself was released not only through these intro decks but also through booster packs and more. 

The colors for the Hunting Pack are green and black. There is a total of 60 cards in this deck. To win, you'll make use of 24 Lands, 25 Creatures, 3 Enchantments, 2 Instants, and 6 Sorceries. The Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen card is a special one because it has an alternate art foil. 

Hunting Pack Decklist:

Creatures (25)

1x Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen
1x Hitchclaw Recluse
1x Managorger Hydra
1x Skysnare Spider
2x Deadbridge Shaman
2x Dwynen's Elite
2x Elvish Visionary
2x Eyeblight Assassin
2x Leaf Gilder
2x Shaman of the Pack
2x Sylvan Messenger
2x Thornbow Archer
2x Yeva's Forcemage
3x Timberpack Wolf

Instants (2)

2x Might of the Masses

Sorceries (6)

1x Macabre Waltz
1x Nightsnare
2x Eyeblight Massacre
2x Joraga Invocation

Enchantments (3)

1x Consecrated by Blood
2x Weight of the Underworld

Lands (24)

1x Evolving Wilds
11x Forest
12x Swamp