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Mega Man 11 - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

Mega Man 11 is one of the releases for the Mega Man series which is known in Japan as Rockman. This game installment was released in 2018. 

This Mega Man release has a brand new visual style, despite the graphics being still in 2D, and looking like 3D. The action remains classic and challenging, especially considering that Mega Man's speed increased. The events happen in a side-scrolling manner, 

The main villain is Dr. Wily who has a new ambitious idea from his time at Robot University. If you wonder how did Mega Man's speed increase, then the answer is simple: Dr. Light did it. He used the powerful prototype, Dual Gear System, made by Dr. Wily.

Mega Man can also absorb the characteristics of the robots he defeats. The hero's speed and power can be changed on the fly. The robots are of course constructed by Dr. Wily and they even have names such as:

  • Block Man,
  • Fuse Man,
  • Blast Man,
  • Acid Man,
  • Tundra Man,
  • Torch Man,
  • Impact Man, called Pile Man in Japan
  • Bounce Man, called Rubber Man in Japan