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Monopoly - Century of Flight - Aviation Edition

Monopoly - Century of Flight - Aviation Edition

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Unique Aviation Commemoration: Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind Monopoly experience with the "Monopoly - Century of Flight - Aviation Edition." This game is not your typical Monopoly – it stands as a commemoration of 100 years of aviation history. The inclusion of "Aviation Dollars" and exclusive collectible pewter tokens, featuring a monoplane, hot air balloon, commercial jet, airship, fighter jet, and helicopter, sets this edition apart, making it a must-have for aviation enthusiasts and board game connoisseurs alike.

Iconic Aircraft and Parts Trading: Embark on an exhilarating journey through the skies as you buy, sell, and trade the most significant aircraft and aircraft parts of the last century. This Monopoly edition takes players beyond traditional property transactions, allowing them to build aviation empires by acquiring iconic planes and components. Challenge your friends in strategic negotiations to become the wealthiest aviator in the game, creating an engaging and dynamic experience that combines the thrill of Monopoly with the excitement of aviation.

Educational Flight Through History: Elevate your gaming experience with an educational twist – while striving to amass wealth in the game, players and their friends will also gain insights into the aviation industry. The game comes complete with background facts and detailed information on featured aircraft and parts, providing a comprehensive understanding of aviation history. Explore historical references that highlight important dates and facts, offering a captivating blend of entertainment and education. Monopoly - Century of Flight - Aviation Edition transcends the boundaries of traditional board games, offering a unique opportunity to soar through history and learn about the fascinating evolution of flight.

Product Description


Embark on a thrilling journey through the skies with Monopoly - Century of Flight - Aviation Edition, a game that pays homage to the remarkable century-long history of aviation. Unlike any ordinary Monopoly experience, this special edition is dedicated to celebrating the incredible achievements and milestones in aviation over the past 100 years. Immerse yourself in the world of flying with unique features like "Aviation Dollars" and collectible pewter tokens, including a monoplane, hot air balloon, commercial jet, airship, fighter jet, and helicopter.

In this aviation-inspired Monopoly game, players will engage in the exhilarating experience of buying, selling, and trading the most iconic aircraft and aircraft parts from the last century. Challenge your friends to become the wealthiest aviator in the game while simultaneously gaining insights into the fascinating world of aviation. But that's not all – as you strategize to build your aviation empire, delve into a wealth of knowledge with background facts and information on featured aircraft and parts. Explore historical references that provide key dates and facts, enriching your understanding of the evolution of flight throughout the years.

Monopoly - Century of Flight - Aviation Edition isn't just a game; it's an educational and entertaining journey through the skies, making it the perfect choice for aviation enthusiasts and board game lovers alike. Soar to new heights as you engage in this unique and captivating experience that combines the thrill of Monopoly with the rich history of aviation.

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Aviation Edition

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Fandom: Monopoly

Manufacturer: USAopoly

Item Weight: 1.75 pounds

Item UPC: 700304001931

Manufacturer Description


Fasten your seat belts and prepare for departure! This commemorative MONOPOLY game is rich in history and showcases the greatest aircraft built in the last century. Get rich while buying, selling, and trading the most significant aircraft and aircraft parts of the last 100 years. Put yourself in the pilot’s seat and wheel and deal to “own it all.

This completely customized game comes with “Aviation Dollars” and 6 collectible pewter tokens: fighter jet, helicopter, monoplane, hot air balloon, commercial jet and airship.

About the Manufacturer


USAopoly Products showcase a captivating collection of officially licensed merchandise inspired by a wide array of beloved entertainment properties. From classic board games with a unique twist to innovative puzzles and collectibles, USAopoly's offerings span a diverse range of themes, including popular movies, iconic TV shows, and beloved characters. With a commitment to bringing joy and entertainment into every home, USAopoly Products provide fans with an opportunity to engage with their favorite franchises in new and exciting ways. As a retailer, we are delighted to present USAopoly's creatively designed and officially licensed items, allowing enthusiasts to explore a world of fun and nostalgia.

Renowned for its innovation in the realm of board games and collectibles, USAopoly maintains a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products that capture the essence of the intellectual properties they represent. Collaborating closely with licensors, USAopoly ensures that each item resonates authentically with fans while adhering to the standards set by intellectual property owners. This commitment to both creativity and compliance positions USAopoly as a trusted destination for fans looking to express their passion for iconic franchises through an extensive and diverse selection of officially licensed products. As a retailer, we take pride in offering USAopoly's meticulously crafted items, allowing customers to enjoy unique and entertaining experiences with their favorite entertainment properties.

About the Fandom


Monopoly, a classic board game developed by Charles Darrow and later mass-produced by Parker Brothers, has become a global cultural phenomenon since its commercial release in 1935. The game revolves around players buying, trading, and developing properties on a game board with the goal of bankrupting their opponents. Over the years, Monopoly has inspired numerous localized and themed editions, incorporating cities, countries, and fictional universes. It has also led to various media adaptations, including television game shows, films, and documentaries, highlighting its rich history and cultural relevance.

Monopoly's popularity has led to various special releases and editions, such as the Deluxe Edition, which features wooden houses and hotels, and the Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition, which was created through a global online vote. The game has been licensed in 103 countries and printed in thirty-seven languages, making it a beloved household name worldwide. Monopoly remains a staple in the board game industry, celebrated for its nostalgic value and significant impact on popular culture.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice game, a gift for my granddaughter’s boyfriend who’s a pilot.


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