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Monopoly - Pirates of the Caribbean - Collector's Edition

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Product Description

People have been mesmerized by pirates for quite a long time and this can be seen in many ways, especially movies and Halloween costumes.

The Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most famous franchise with pirates in recent years. Having a Monopoly game inspired by this movie is no wonder for anyone. USAOPOLY is the brand releasing the "Pirates of the Caribbean Collector's Edition Monopoly" game found here.

This board game features characters from all five movies, 6 tokens that you should hold onto, and a custom pirate booty.The tokens are:

  • Jack Sparrow’s compass,
  • Pirate skull,
  • The dog with keys,
  • The Black Pearl cannon,
  • Davy Jones’ chest,
  • Jack the Monkey

In this game, the traditional houses from the classic version of Monopoly are replaced by piles of gold. The hotels are replaced with treasure chests.

Other changes from the classic game are:

  • The "Chance" and "Community Chest" cards now are "Pirate's Dice" and "Aztec Gold"
  • The "railway stations" are now "ships"
The minimum number of players for this game is 2 while the maximum is 6.