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Monopoly - M&M's - Collector's Edition

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Product Description

Did you ever think that the well-known M&M candies and the Monopoly game have nothing in common? They sure do have at least 2 things in common:

  • Players can eat M&Ms while playing the game
  • Players can choose to play the M&M version of Monopoly and eat these candies at the same time

The second option sure sounds delicious at least for some folks out there. However, this isn't enough to learn more about the game itself. So how is this Monopoly version different from the classic one?

For starters, like in other editions, various places and actions got their words changed. Here are some examples of such changes: 

  • Income Tax becomes "Lose your M"
  • Luxury Tax becomes "VIP Pass to Blue's Cafe" 
  • The Railroads become the 4 main flavors: 
    • Milk Chocolate (Plain),
    • Peanut Butter,
    • Peanut,
    • Almond.

Other features remained unchanged, such as the free parking, being sent to jail, the jail itself, or collecting income. The number of players is also unchanged from the classic version, between 2 and 6.