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Monopoly - Spongebob Squarepants Edition

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Product Description

There are probably very few people out there who are not familiar with the Monopoly game. Due to the game's popularity there's no surprize that many variations appeared, including this 2005 version called Spongebob Monopoly.

This Monopoly comes with 22 spectacular properties that players can try and purchase. On them, they can try and build beautiful Pineapple houses or try expanding Krusty Krab restaurant franchises.

This game is best played by at least 2 people and uo to 6. Everyone will have to beware of the Treasure Chest cards for they'll be set back by them. To move forward, players will have to get the Life Preserver cards.

The taxes vary, the electric and water are included, while there is plenty of transportation. The winner is the player with most clams.

One of the best features is that players can choose one of the 2 set of rules:

  • Those of the classic Monopoly game
  • The Plankton's optional rule that allows a faster game

Make sure to keep the 6 collectible tokens and the special Plankton coin!