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My Hero Academia - Katsuki Bakugo Statue (Two Dimensions Version) - Banpresto - World Figure Colosseum Modeling Academy Super Master Stars Piece

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Product Description

Are you familiar with the "My Hero Academia" anime? This is a popular show and one of its characters is Katsuki Bakugo. He's also known as "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight." He wants to become a Pro Hero. This means that being a hero would be his future profession and full-time job, if he graduates from the academy.

Here, Banpresto created a very angry Katsuki Bakugo that the fans of the show will surely recognize. The pose suggests he's in the middle of a very loud yell that most likely helps him collect more blasting energy for his attacks. 

Like most figurines inspired by anime and released by Banpresto, this one too has no movable parts. Its height is 24 cm or close to 9.5 inches. 

The details on this figurine are amazing:

  • Some parts are colored a lighter shade than others.
  • His muscles are very well defined, as are the details of his spikey hair. 

All these details make the figurine look as if it's a 2D drawing despite it clearly being a 3D object. 

Katsuki Bakugo wears 2 oversized grenades as handcuffs, but these are not just decorations or random accessories. We can clearly tell from how the statue is depicted, that these grenades are about to go off.