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NanoBreaker - PlayStation 2

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Product Description

PlayStation 2 is definitely not the latest gaming platform, but those who own it will still want to have some new games to try out. NanoBreaker is also not a new game, as it was released in 2005, however, it's highly likely that not everyone out there owns it. 

NanoBreaker is an action video game that will have you hack and slash through hordes of enemy units. Everything will look more realistic thanks to the 3D graphics used.  

Jake is the protagonist of this game, and players control him as they explore a large island. Jake is not a usual character: his body is made of metal and he also has wings that extend from his shoulder blades. They help Jake glide but also enable him to have a broader range of attacks and finishing moves. 

Our character yields a plasma sword that can take a variety of forms during battle. For instance, it can transform into a hammer, an axe, and a broadsword among other weapons. If you want to grapple your enemies from afar, this sword can do that as well. 

The enemies are called "Orgamechs" and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, they can be dogs, humanoids, or bugs.