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Octopath Traveler - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

In Latin and Greek, "octo" means "eight" and the reason for this word to be used in the title of this Nintendo Switch game is because it comes with 8 travelers and 8 adventures for you to take on. You'll learn the story of each character and discover their unique skills both through storytelling and battling. 

These are the characters of the game:

  • Cyrus Albright, a teacher at the Royal Academy
  • Ophilia Clement, a priestess of the Sacred Flame
  • Tressa Colzione, a merchant
  • Olberic Eisenberg, a former knight of the Kingdom of Hornburg
  • Primrose Azelhart, a dispossessed noblewoman
  • Alfyn Greengrass, a traveling healer
  • Therion, a criminal
  • H'aanit, a huntress

Speaking of battles, these are turn-based and make use of tactics to win. The travelers' adventures take place in the world of Orsterra. Depending on where the adventure takes you, you can store "Boost Points" that can be used at a later point in time, when you need to offer some help, be stronger, or attack several times in a row. 

You can play this game only by yourself, unfortunately. The graphics and art style, however, will make up for all other let-downs of the games. What's more, you can play as each character, and this means that the game will be every single time.

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