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One Piece - Nami Figure (Version A) - Banpresto - Glitter & Glamours

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Product Description

If there is one thing you should know about the One Piece anime, is that the main characters are pirates. One of them is Nami, and we have an interesting little plastic figurine of her to show you!

We know this figurine is of Nami because of her orange hair. She wears a pair of low-waisted pants, a pair of brown sandals, and a bath suit top. She also holds a blue pole behind her. Her hair flows a little as if she'd be dancing. There are little to no other signs of movement in the representation of Nami. 

This figurine is made of plastic and has no articulated joints. Nami stands with most of her weight on her left leg. This means the figurine needs some additional help to stay up-right. Collectors don't need to worry because the product comes with a base for this purpose. 

Below, you can see some other features of the prduct:

  • 8 inches (20cm) 
  • Made of plastic 
  • Based on the One Piece anime
  • Non articulated