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Pandemic - State of Emergency - Expansion Pack

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Product Description

Everyone must have gotten tired of the pandemic from 2020. However, not all pandemics are the same: some affect just animals, others only humans, and a few, both humans and animals. The latter type are definitely the worst to deal with, both in real world and in a virtual, imaginary one.

The game Pandemic Expansion: State of Emergency deals exactly with the latter situation. However, the situation hasn't always been like this. In the previous game installments the illnesses affected only animals.

In this game, players will deal with new situations, such as:

  • The Hinterlands Challenge: the diseases are spreading from animals to humans
  • The Emergency Events Challenge: unpredictable circumstances have nasty effects on the game
  • The Superbug Challenge: a fifth disease that cannot be treated threatens the world!

Players will have to:

  • use Quarantines to stop the spread of the illness
  • find a cure
  • create vaccines

If any player manages to eradicate the infection, they win. This 3rd Pandemic expansion is made for 1 to 4 players and can last up to an hour to complete. Ideally, the game would be played by all 4 players.