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Pandemic - On the Brink - Expansion Pack

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Product Description

Some people got tired of a pandemic state, while others are used to it either from movies or from games.

Pandemic: On the Brink is a game released in 2009 and designed for 1 and up to 5 players, but best played in 4. It takes up to an hour to complete a game, unlike other games that can last for several hours.

This game is an expansion for an existing board game, Pandemic Base Game. You'll need the board of this original game as well if you want to play this expansion.

Pandemic: On the Brink comes with new event and role cards, the rules for 5 players, and optional game challenges that increase the difficulty of the basic Pandemic game. The new challenges can be used individually or combined for an even more difficult game.

These are:

  • The Virulent Strain: makes a disease become particularly deadly in unpredictable ways.
  • The Mutation: adds a fifth disease that behaves differently than the original four.
  • The Bio-Terrorist: one player goes against the others!

The 5th illness received the color purple. However, the game itself has 7 cards depicting different infections.