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Pandemic - On the Brink - Expansion Pack

Pandemic - On the Brink - Expansion Pack

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Engaging Gameplay: Experience a dynamic board game adventure with Pandemic: On the Brink, released in 2009. Designed for 1 to 5 players, the optimal experience unfolds with a group of 4, providing an immersive hour of gameplay, a perfect blend of excitement and strategy.

Expansion Integration: As an expansion for the Pandemic Base Game, Pandemic: On the Brink seamlessly integrates with the original board. For an enhanced gaming experience, ensure the presence of the base game board when delving into the challenges and strategies introduced by this expansion.

Varied Challenges: Unleash new dimensions of difficulty with optional game challenges:

The Virulent Strain: Experience diseases evolving unpredictably, becoming particularly deadly and challenging players in unexpected ways.

The Mutation: Introduce a unique fifth disease, colored in purple, behaving differently from the original four, adding complexity to the game dynamics.

The Bio-Terrorist: Immerse yourself in a thrilling twist where one player goes against the collective, injecting a competitive element into the cooperative gameplay.

Expanded Content: Explore new event and role cards, along with rules catering to 5 players, enhancing the cooperative experience. Elevate your Pandemic journey with a combination of these challenges or embrace them individually for tailored difficulty levels.

Product Description


Embark on a thrilling gaming experience with Pandemic: On the Brink, a 2009 expansion designed for 1 to 5 players, ideally played with 4 participants. Unlike lengthy games, this expansion offers an engaging hour of gameplay, perfect for those seeking a dynamic yet concise board game adventure.

As an expansion to the Pandemic Base Game, Pandemic: On the Brink introduces new event and role cards, along with rules for accommodating 5 players. Dive into optional game challenges that elevate the difficulty, including The Virulent Strain, making diseases deadlier, and The Mutation, introducing a unique fifth disease colored in purple. Brace yourself for The Bio-Terrorist challenge, where one player becomes the antagonist, adding an intriguing twist to the cooperative gameplay.

This expansion seamlessly integrates with the original game board, requiring its presence for play. Enhance your Pandemic journey with unpredictable challenges, unique diseases, and strategic roles, ensuring Pandemic: On the Brink becomes a centerpiece for riveting board game nights.

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On the Brink - Expansion Pack

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Product Information


Manufacturer: Z-man Games

Item Weight: 1.51 pounds

Item UPC: 681706711010

Manufacturer Description


Pandemic on the Brink expansion by Z Man game provides additional content for the Pandemic base game. The expansion includes: option to increase player count to 5, 7 new role cards, each with their own special abilities, the option to add a fifth player, 8 new events, 5 petri dishes to hold the viruses and three completely new modules that increase the difficulty and replayability for those that already own Pandemic.

The three new modules include:

The virulent strain challenge: Base game epidemic cards are replaced with expansion cards. These add an additional effect to the most prevalent virus, on the board when the first epidemic is drawn, making it more difficult to cure. The effects are cumulative and with 8 cards to choose from, each game is different

The mutation challenge: 2 new mutation cards added to the discard pile. When drawn, they add a new purple virus to the map. To cure the virus, players collect 5 city cards with one containing the mutation. Three Mutation cards are added to the events deck. When drawn, 3 purple virus tokens are placed on the net city card. with only 12 purple virus tokens, the game can end quickly if players don’t cure the mutation.

The Bio-terrorist challenge: Saboteur player is added, utilising hidden movement on their own paper, pandemic map. The Bioterrorist takes a turn after each player and can infect cities, with the mutated virus, sabotage research bases and move. However, when the Bioterrorist occupies a hero’s space they are spotted, place their pawn on the board and can be arrested by the other player. This module cannot be played with the mutation challenge.

The Bio-terrorist wins if heroes lose the game. So now, it is not just the game, but a player who the heroes must defeat.

The Expansion adds so much to the game: more decisions, greater depth and increased replayability.

About the Manufacturer


Embark on a tabletop gaming journey with Z-man Games Products, where strategic gameplay meets immersive narratives. As a premier distributor of Z-man Games' diverse collection, we bring you a curated selection of engaging board games that cater to players of all levels. Dive into captivating worlds, challenge your tactical skills, and enjoy the thrill of victory with our range of Z-man Games titles. Whether you're a seasoned board gamer or a newcomer, our collection offers a gateway to endless hours of entertainment, providing an extensive array of tabletop experiences that redefine the boundaries of traditional gaming.

Explore beyond the tabletop with Z-man Games merchandise, featuring officially licensed products inspired by the rich themes and characters from their acclaimed board games. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product captures the essence of the tabletop experiences that have made Z-man Games a standout in the gaming industry. From exclusive apparel and collectibles to accessories that enhance your gaming sessions, our Z-man Games Products allow you to express your passion for tabletop gaming with authenticity and style. Elevate your gaming nights and discover a world of strategic possibilities with our thoughtfully selected Z-man Games offerings.

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