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Pokémon - Mr. Mime Figure (#582) - Funko - POP! Games

Pokémon - Mr. Mime Figure (#582) - Funko - POP! Games

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Unique Pokémon Type: Mr. Mime is a rare combination of Psychic and Fairy types, bringing a blend of mystical powers and enchanting abilities to your Pokémon collection.

Quirky Appearance: Standing out among Pokémon for its humanoid form, Mr. Mime resembles a whimsical clown, complete with mime-like gestures and expressions that add a playful charm to any battle.

Versatile Abilities: With the ability to mimic objects and bring them to life, Mr. Mime adds a dynamic twist to battles. Evolving into its Galarian form grants it additional Ice-type powers, enhancing its versatility in combat.

Formidable Attacks: Despite its non-threatening appearance, Mr. Mime boasts powerful moves such as Psyshock and Psykoud'Boul, capable of delivering devastating blows to opponents. Its defensive prowess is further enhanced by techniques like the filtering ability to mitigate damage.

Detailed Miniature Representation: This Funko POP figure faithfully captures Mr. Mime's unique design, from its human-like face and blue wing-shaped hair to its plump red and white body. Every aspect, including the gloves with red-tipped fingers and blue shoes reminiscent of elf footwear, is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Collector's Delight: Add this charming Mr. Mime figure to your Pokémon collection and showcase its whimsical presence alongside your favorite characters. Whether for display or play, this Funko POP! Games collectible is sure to delight Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages.

Product Description


The Pokémon Mr. Mime Figure (#582) from Funko's POP! Games collection captures the essence of this unique Psychic and Fairy type Pokémon. Known for its humanoid appearance and mime-like antics, Mr. Mime brings a touch of whimsy to any collection. With its ability to mimic objects and conjure them into reality, Mr. Mime adds an element of surprise to battles.

Evolve Mr. Mime into its Galarian form, and it gains the icy powers of an Ice-type Pokémon. Despite its playful demeanor, Mr. Mime possesses formidable abilities like Psyshock and Psykoud'Boul, along with defensive moves like the Filter technique to reduce incoming damage. This miniature figurine perfectly encapsulates Mr. Mime's distinct appearance, from its blue wing-shaped hair to its plump red and white body.

Funko pays attention to every detail with this Mr. Mime POP figure. From the gloves with red-tipped fingers to the white kneepads and distinctive blue shoes, every aspect of Mr. Mime's quirky design is faithfully recreated. Add this charming Pokémon to your collection and let its playful antics bring a smile to your face.

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Mr. Mime Figure (#582) - Funko

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Fandom: Pokémon

Manufacturer: Funko

Item Weight: 0.31 pounds

Item UPC: 889698468657

Manufacturer Description


Mr. Mime is a Pokemon of type "Psy" (and "Fairy" since the 6th generation), referenced as n°122 in the Pokedex. Of human appearance (which is rare for a Pokemon), Mr. Mime is a kind of clown doing mimes with his limbs and face.

The particularity of Mr. Mime is to be able to mime objects and make them real! On top of that, Mr. Mime takes on the abilities of an ice Pokemon in his evolution into Mr. Mime from Galar.

Despite his non-threatening physique, Mr. Mime is endowed with talents that make him threatening. His most famous attacks are mental shock and psykoud'boul, but Mr Mime also has abilities to protect himself, notably with the filtering technique that reduces the damage he suffers.

Mr Mime's Pokemon miniature represents him as we know him: a humanoid form between a clown and a mad scientist! The Pokemon has a human face, with blue wing-shaped hair and a plump red and white body formed by spheres.
On the accessories side, Funko hasn't left out any details about this Mr. Mime POP: he has gloves on his hands with red tips on his fingers, white kneepads as protection and blue shoes (or rather slippers) with the tips rising up like an elf's shoes!

About the Manufacturer


Funko Products stand at the forefront of pop culture collectibles, offering an extensive and captivating range of licensed merchandise that celebrates the essence of beloved characters and franchises. From the iconic Pop! Vinyl figures to an array of collectibles spanning movies, television, video games, and more, Funko has become a global phenomenon in the world of fandom merchandise. As a retailer, we proudly present Funko's diverse lineup, providing fans with the opportunity to bring their favorite characters to life through an impressive selection of figures, apparel, and accessories. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and imaginative universe of Funko, where every product reflects a passion for pop culture and a commitment to delivering high-quality, officially licensed collectibles.

Funko's reputation for innovation and attention to detail has established it as a leading force in the collectibles market. Each product is a testament to Funko's dedication to authenticity, working closely with licensors to ensure that every item captures the spirit of the intellectual properties it represents. As a retailer offering Funko Products, we share in this commitment, providing enthusiasts with a curated selection that meets the highest standards of quality and creativity. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a casual fan, explore the vast world of Funko and discover a treasure trove of officially licensed merchandise that allows you to express your passion for pop culture in unique and exciting ways.

About the Fandom


Pokémon, short for "Pocket Monsters," is a multimedia franchise that originated in Japan in the 1990s and quickly became a global phenomenon. At its core, Pokémon revolves around the concept of capturing, training, and battling fictional creatures called Pokémon. Players, known as Pokémon Trainers, embark on journeys to catch Pokémon, build teams, and compete against other Trainers in strategic battles. The franchise encompasses various forms of media, including video games, trading card games, animated television series, movies, merchandise, and more, offering fans a diverse and immersive experience in the Pokémon universe.

The Pokémon world is inhabited by hundreds of unique species of Pokémon, each with its own characteristics, abilities, and evolutionary paths. Trainers aim to become Pokémon Masters by capturing a wide variety of Pokémon, training them to become stronger, and strategically using them in battles to overcome challenges and achieve victory. Alongside its engaging gameplay mechanics, Pokémon has garnered widespread acclaim for its vibrant characters, captivating storylines, and enduring themes of friendship, adventure, and self-discovery. Over the years, Pokémon has evolved and expanded, continually introducing new generations of Pokémon, regions to explore, and innovative gameplay features, ensuring its relevance and appeal to fans of all ages across the globe.

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