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Scorpius Freighter - Board Game

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Product Description

Scorpius is a system that was settled 100 years ago, but in time, the Government took control of everything, leaving the population with little to no hope for something good happening.

In this game, the players are bold freighter captains that must successfully complete their sanctioned jobs but not only! Their legal activities are done under contracts and involve moving goods or providing services to the people. By completing these legal contracts, the captains can increase the capacities of their freighters, recruit more members for their crew, and more.

However, things aren't as they appear, for these freight captains also perform side jobs, like smuggling highly sought-after goods and even people. Of course, these side gigs must go unnoticed, thus not your whole crew is legally clean, and not all the freighter's capacity is declared. 

The game requires at least 2 players and not more than 4 can play it. Depending on how familiar you are with the game, around an hour is enough to complete it and see who the winner is.