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Walking in Burano - Card Game - Alderac Entertainment Group

Walking in Burano - Card Game - Alderac Entertainment Group

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Item Features & Details


Vibrant Exploration: Immerse in colorful Burano, exploring personalized decorations and vibrant houses.

Creative Challenge: Refurbish streets, showcasing design mastery in this captivating card game.

Solo-Friendly: Solo play rules are included for an engaging individual gaming experience.

Inclusive Design: Colorblind-friendly for accessibility, ensuring a welcoming experience.

Player Capacity: Ideal for 1-4 players, fostering diverse and dynamic gameplay.

Age-Appropriate: Crafted for ages 14 and above, offering a sophisticated gaming adventure.

Quick Setup: Effortless 10-minute setup for swift and hassle-free gaming sessions.

Engaging Playtime: Enjoy 20-40 minutes of immersive gameplay, balancing strategy and creativity.

Product Description


Step into the charming streets of Burano, Italy, with "Walking in Burano," the captivating card game by Alderac Entertainment Group. As you stroll through the island, vibrant houses line the canals, adorned with personalized decorations by inhabitants and shopkeepers. The local government entrusts you with the task of refurbishing a street in this famed city, inviting you to unleash your creativity and craft a masterpiece of design that will astonish both tourists and locals alike. "Walking in Burano" not only offers an engaging multiplayer experience but also caters to solo players with included solo play rules. Additionally, the game is colorblind-friendly, ensuring accessibility for all. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Burano, where every card played contributes to the artistic tapestry of this picturesque Italian locale.

Box Contents


72 Floor Cards

26 Character Cards

8 Scaffold Cards

18 Coins

16 Regulatory Bonus Tokens

1 Starting Player Token

1 Score Pad

1 Rulebook

Product Information


Manufacturer: Alderac Entertainment Group

Year Manufacturered : 2019

Item Weight: 0.78 pounds

Item UPC: 729220070678

Manufacturer Description


Welcome to Burano, Italy!

Walking through the island, you will see these vibrant houses on both sides of the canal, as well as the personalized decorations placed by the inhabitants and shopkeepers.

The local government has asked you to refurbish a street in their famed city. Use your creativity to amaze both tourists and locals with your masterpiece of design!

About the Manufacturer


Discover a world of captivating tabletop experiences with Alderac Entertainment Group Products. AEG, a renowned name in the gaming industry, specializes in creating innovative and engaging tabletop games that span various genres and themes. Immerse yourself in strategic card games, epic board games, and immersive role-playing experiences crafted with meticulous attention to detail. AEG's diverse range of products ensures there's a gaming adventure for everyone, from casual players to seasoned enthusiasts, fostering a vibrant community of tabletop gaming aficionados.

AEG's commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences is evident in its collaborative approach and dedication to quality. As a leading provider of tabletop games, AEG collaborates with talented designers and artists to bring imaginative and high-quality games to life. The company's focus on innovation and creativity has earned it a strong reputation among gaming enthusiasts globally. When you explore AEG's collection, you're not just acquiring games; you're entering a world of imagination, strategy, and fun. Elevate your tabletop gaming journey with AEG's diverse and captivating array of products, where every game tells a unique and compelling story.

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