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Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

Sid Meier is a legendary game designer. In this creation of his, you strive to build an empire. You get to explore new lands, discover and test new technologies, defeat enemies, and war against history's most famous leaders. 

Since the game is available on Nintendo Switch, this whole adventure can take place wherever the player has the time to play. The release includes:

  • several updates
  • various improvements to the game
  • Viking Scenario Pack
  • Australian Civilization and Scenario Pack
  • Polish Civilization and Scenario Pack
  • Persian Civilization and Scenario Pack
  • Macedon Civilization and Scenario Pack

You're the one determining the path to victory based on the decision you make. Your empire will spread across the map if you make the most of your military force. However, your land can also become the best destination for those interested in culture and art. 

During the development of your land, your people will interact with others. However, these interactions will not always be the same. At first, they'll be violent, and full of conflicts, but as the game evolves, so will these relationships. 

The game also has boosters that can help your people to progress faster. One way to fasten this whole process is to explore more and more, develop the environment, and get in contact with new cultures. These new interactions will be trading, alliances, and more.