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Star Wars - AT-AT Driver Figure - Kotobukiya - ArtFX+

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Product Description

There are many Star Wars fans out there, and a good percentage of them also collect various items with their favorite characters from the franchise.

One of these memorabilia and collectors' items is this statue of Star Wars: AT-AT Driver. This character is seen for the first time in the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back movie. 

The figurine is built on a 1:10 scale, making it 7.1 inches tall. Its feet have magnets for extra stability because it doesn't have a stand of its own like other similar statues. One of the coolest features is the possibility of changing its pose thanks to the different arms included. 

Great attention was put into the correct depiction of this driver. On the statue's chest, we can see the computer, life support gear, and readout. Its glove features the commlink while its helmet has well-known stars showing the driver's affiliation.