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Star Wars: Battlefront II - PlayStation 4

Star Wars: Battlefront II - PlayStation 4

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Iconic Franchise: Part of the bestselling STAR WARS HD video game franchise of all time.

Epic Battles: Engage in intense battles across iconic STAR WARS locations.

Lightsaber Combat: Rush through waves of enemies on Starkiller Base wielding the power of a lightsaber.

Ground Assaults: Storm the jungle canopy of a hidden Rebel base on Yavin 4 with your fellow troopers.

Vehicle Combat: Dispense firepower from AT-STs and other classic STAR WARS vehicles.

Space Battles: Line up your X-wing squadron for attacks on mammoth First Order Star Destroyers in space.

Single-Player Campaign: Rise as Iden, an elite Imperial special forces soldier, in an emotional story spanning thirty years.

Multiplayer Modes: Enjoy a variety
of multiplayer modes, featuring iconic characters and expansive battlefields.

Immersive Experience: Dive into a beautifully rendered and immersive STAR WARS universe.
Expansive Gameplay: Experience endless STAR WARS action with rich gameplay options and diverse missions.

Product Description


Experience the ultimate STAR WARS™ action with Star Wars: Battlefront II for PlayStation 4, the latest installment in the bestselling STAR WARS HD video game franchise. Dive into epic battles across iconic locations from the STAR WARS universe. Wield the power of a lightsaber as you rush through waves of enemies on Starkiller Base, or storm the jungle canopy of a hidden Rebel base on Yavin 4 alongside your fellow troopers.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling single-player campaign as you rise as Iden, an elite Imperial special forces soldier. Follow her gripping and emotional story that spans thirty years, offering a new perspective on the galactic conflict. Experience the tension and drama of the STAR WARS saga from the other side, as you engage in intense combat missions and uncover the complexities of Iden’s journey.

Take to the skies in exhilarating space battles, where you can pilot an X-wing squadron and engage in fierce dogfights against mammoth First Order Star Destroyers. With a variety of multiplayer modes, iconic characters, and vast, beautifully rendered battlefields, Star Wars: Battlefront II delivers an expansive and immersive STAR WARS experience that will captivate fans and gamers alike.

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Star Wars: Battlefront II

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Fandoms: Star Wars , PlayStation

Series: PlayStation 4

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts

Item Weight: 0.25 pounds

Item UPC: 014633735246

Manufacturer Description


Embark on an endless STAR WARS™ action experience from the bestselling STAR WARS HD videogame franchise of all time.

Rush through waves of enemies on Starkiller Base with the power of your lightsaber in your hands. Storm through the jungle canopy of a hidden Rebel base on Yavin 4 with your fellow troopers, dispensing firepower from AT-STs. Line up your X-wing squadron from an attack on a mammoth First Order Star Destroyer in space. Or rise as a new STAR WARS hero - Iden, an elite Imperial special forces soldier - and discover an emotional and gripping single-player story spanning thirty years.

About the Manufacturer


Embark on a gaming journey with Electronic Arts Products, a trailblazer in the interactive entertainment industry. Our collection showcases a diverse array of video games and digital experiences crafted to captivate players across the globe. From immersive sports simulations to groundbreaking action-adventure titles, Electronic Arts (EA) has been at the forefront of gaming innovation, delivering unforgettable experiences that span various genres. Dive into a world of cutting-edge technology and engaging narratives, as EA continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming.

As a retailer, we are proud to offer Electronic Arts Products, providing gaming enthusiasts access to the latest releases and iconic franchises. EA's commitment to excellence and creativity has led to the development of beloved series such as FIFA, Madden NFL, and The Sims. Explore our curated selection of EA games, where each title reflects the company's dedication to delivering high-quality, entertaining experiences. Immerse yourself in the vast and exciting universe of Electronic Arts, where gaming meets innovation, and every product is a gateway to unparalleled virtual adventures.

About the Fandom


PlayStation's influence extends far beyond the realm of gaming consoles, permeating various aspects of pop culture through its extensive merchandising efforts. Leveraging its iconic roster of gaming franchises, PlayStation has forged partnerships with leading manufacturers to produce a diverse range of merchandise that caters to fans worldwide. From action figures and apparel featuring beloved characters like Kratos from "God of War" to collectible statues and limited-edition consoles adorned with iconic imagery, PlayStation merch embodies the spirit of gaming culture and allows fans to express their passion in tangible ways. Moreover, PlayStation's foray into licensed products extends to other forms of media, with collaborations spanning movies, television shows, and even music, further solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon.

The fervent fandom surrounding PlayStation is evident in the vibrant communities that have formed around its gaming franchises. Through online forums, social media groups, and fan conventions, enthusiasts come together to share their love for PlayStation games, exchange strategies, and celebrate memorable moments from their gaming experiences. This sense of camaraderie extends beyond virtual worlds, with fans eagerly participating in events like midnight launches, cosplay competitions, and themed parties dedicated to their favorite PlayStation titles. As a result, PlayStation merch serves not only as collectible memorabilia but also as symbols of belonging and shared identity within a global community of passionate gamers. This unity is further fueled by the diverse array of immersive and groundbreaking games that PlayStation offers, ensuring that there's something for every type of gamer to enjoy and celebrate.

About the Series


The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, serving as the fourth installment in the PlayStation lineup. Launched on November 15, 2013, the PS4 quickly became a dominant force in the gaming industry, offering powerful hardware, an extensive library of games, and a robust online ecosystem. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the PS4 appealed to a wide audience of gamers, from casual players to hardcore enthusiasts. It introduced several innovative features, including Remote Play, which allowed users to stream games to other devices, and Share Play, enabling players to invite friends to join their games remotely. Additionally, the PS4 boasted social integration, built-in streaming capabilities, and a variety of multimedia functionalities, positioning it as a central entertainment hub for households worldwide.

Furthermore, the PS4 received several hardware revisions, including the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. The Slim model, released in September 2016, featured a more compact design and updated hardware specifications, maintaining the core functionality of the original PS4 while offering improvements in form factor and power efficiency. Meanwhile, the Pro model, also launched in September 2016, targeted gamers seeking enhanced performance and visual fidelity, with support for 4K rendering and improved PlayStation VR capabilities. These revisions expanded the PS4 lineup, catering to different preferences and budgetary considerations among consumers. With its diverse range of models, expansive game library, and robust online services, the PlayStation 4 solidified its position as one of the best-selling consoles of all time, shaping the gaming landscape for years to come.

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