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The Sims 2: Fun with Pets Collection - Expansion Pack - PC

The Sims 2: Fun with Pets Collection - Expansion Pack - PC

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Product Description


Product Description

Create a happy home with the perfect pet, garden and décor! Give your Sims a furry or feathered companion to play with and love—but prepare for the unexpected! Indulge your Sims with new décor and landscaping options to create the perfect home.

Packs Included:

Give your sims a friend for life.
Utilize customization functionality.
Turn sims' homes into mansions.
Create and relish in stunning gardens.
Enjoy H&M fashions and environments.
Take your new style to the catwalk.
The Sims 2 Pets


Get your paws on 
The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack. From scampering puppies to cuddly kittens, add a new furry or feathered friend to your Sims’ lives. Choose from dozens of the most popular dog and cat breeds like Dalmatians or the American Shorthair. Or create a unique cat or dog by modifying their body shape and facial features, choosing specific colors and markings, and more. Decide on a personality—smart, sweet, silly, or sloppy. Your Sims can teach their pets tricks, take them for a romp in the park, and countless other things as they share their lives with their pets. But keep one thing in mind—your Sims’ pets have minds of their own. Don’t be surprised if cats scratch the sofa, dogs dig holes in the garden, pets sleep on your Sims’ bed, or worse. In fact, expect the unexpected.

Game Features

  • Sims Have Pets! — Your Sims can share a lifetime with their pets. Sims can adopt dogs, cats, birds, and more.
  • Create-A-Pet — Choose from dozens of dog and cat breeds, or customize features for a unique pet and then pick their personalities.
  • Pets Have Genetics — Cross different breeds to create designer pets or make new ones and register them to appear in Create-A-Pet as a unique pedigree.
  • Sit Spike, Sit — Your Sims can encourage and discipline pets, training them to shake, play dead, and more. Unruly pets might dig in the yard, claw the sofa, topple the trash, or surprise their Sims in other ways, but Sims can change their pets’ ways with the right training.
  • Pets Have Careers — Now your Sims aren’t the only ones bringing home the bacon. Skilled pets can earn a living from three career tracks—Show Business, Security, and Service—and work their way up through five job levels.
  • Friends for a Lifetime — Your Sims’ pets are members of the family and share all of life’s great moments—whether it’s kids training puppies, teens playing fetch in the park, adults watching TV with their cats, or elders enjoying a sunny day in park with their longtime companion
  • Show off Your Pets — Share your favorite Sim pets with other The Sims 2 Pets players through the exchange.

The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff
The Sims 2 Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack players are free to design impressive estates and meticulous gardens for your Sims with three all-new architectural styles. Infuse your Sims’ mansion with the intricate beauty of new Moroccan designs, add a touch of retro-modern style with stately and new Art Deco elements, or build in the imposing new Second Empire style. With a host of new architectural and landscaping items to choose from, your Sims homes will look more stunning than ever.

Key Game Features

  • Re-create your Sims homes into luxurious mansions. New items including exotic columns that create stunning new archways, chic ceiling fans that add an element of cool, or sweeping grand staircases that make a bold statement.
  • Completely reinvent your Sims’ gardens with a colorful foundation of flower beds and shrubs including delicate irises, cheerful daylilies, and bright sunflowers.
  • Choose from three new architectural themes (Moroccan, Art Deco and Second Empire) to re-imagine and remake the exteriors of your Sims’ estates.
  • New items include: architectural elements including solar panels, all new windows, doors, and fencing; a variety of bold sculptures, foliage, and topiaries.

The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff
The popular European fashion retailer that is taking the US by storm with its trendsetting contemporary fashions is now coming to 
The Sims 2. Your Sims can choose from cutting-edge men’s and women’s clothing including dresses, jeans, and other outfits, complete with accessories—all inspired by real H&M designs. They can also design their own H&M store environment with retail décor items including mannequins, clothing racks, cash registers, and a fitting room. Then your Sims can showcase their up-to-the minute clothing line with a fashion show, complete with fashion runway. Update your Sims’ wardrobes, design fun and trendy H&M stores, and let them put their fashion foot forward on the fashion runway.

Key Game Features

  • Find Your Summer Look — Dress your Sim in a stylish ensemble showcasing the vibrant colors that are all the rage this season. Then complete your Sim’s look with coordinated accessories.
  • The Go-To Place for Hot New Trends — Design your own H&M retail environment, or use new store-themed items to build an intimate H&M boutique for more sophisticated citizens.
  • Spotlight the Top Fashions — Design a runway and host a couture show featuring all of your favorite H&M styles.
  • Special Items — Heighten your Sims 2 not only with a special outfit for both your Female and male sim, but also focused retail lighting and a red-striped drape suitable as a backdrop.

System Requirements

Minimum OS: Windows XP, Vista Processor: 1,000MHz or faster (1,300MHz for Vista) RAM: 512MB or more (1GB for Vista) Disc Drive: 8x or faster DVD-ROM drive Hard Drive: 3GB+ of free space (5GB if installing both The Sims 2 and The Sims 2 Fun with Pets Collection) Sound and Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible cards required Input Device: Mouse and keyboard

* Requires The Sims 2The Sims 2 DeluxeThe Sims 2 Double Deluxe or The Sims 2 Holiday Edition to play.

Product Information


Manufacturer: Electronic Arts

Item Weight: 0.25 pounds

Item UPC: 014633168563

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Embark on a gaming journey with Electronic Arts Products, a trailblazer in the interactive entertainment industry. Our collection showcases a diverse array of video games and digital experiences crafted to captivate players across the globe. From immersive sports simulations to groundbreaking action-adventure titles, Electronic Arts (EA) has been at the forefront of gaming innovation, delivering unforgettable experiences that span various genres. Dive into a world of cutting-edge technology and engaging narratives, as EA continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in gaming.

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