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Super Mario Bros. - 12" Goomba Plush - Little Buddy

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Product Description

Super Mario Bros is the name of a really famous game franchise from Nintendo. In this game, Goombas are a species of sentient mushrooms that first appeared in the NES video game Super Mario Bros. They're the first enemy players encounter. 

Goombas have been featured in other types of media like films, TV, and more. Their usual color is brown, they walk around aimlessly as an obstacle. However, here, you can get a plush toy that is 12 inches tall. While it can become an obstacle for anyone who doesn't pay attention to where they walk, they best serve as a cuddling buddy. 

It's rather easy to recognize a Goomba: 

  • The brown color
  • Big black eyebrows
  • Resembles a shiitake mushroom
  • A pair of fangs

If you're wondering how can a mushroom walk around, the Goomba was designed with a pair of feet. The plush toy also has these. Depending on the angle you look at him, he may appear angry or perhaps just sad.