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Waka Tanka: Shaman, This Is A Trick! - Card Game

Waka Tanka: Shaman, This Is A Trick! - Card Game

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Step into the mystical world of Native American shamans with Waka Tanka: Shaman, This Is A Trick! This fun, light-hearted bluffing card game is perfect for 2-6 players and can be played in just 30 minutes. Play as a shaman and impress your tribe by conjuring animal spirits with the right incantations. But be careful not to get caught bluffing! With each turn, players play incantation cards face down, hoping to get away with calling the wrong spirit. Will you take the risk and try a full ceremony? The first player to get rid of all their incantation cards or fulfill two ceremonies wins!

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Manufacturer: CMON

Item Weight: 0.65 pounds

Item UPC: 889696002174

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