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Death Parade Character Analysis: Clavis



November 21, 2022

Death Parade Clavis Green Yellow Hair Piercings Death Parade Clavis Green Yellow Hair Piercings
By: Prince Lammy

For a character that didn’t make much impact in an anime, Clavis really did leave one on the Death Parade fans. Especially doting on the fact that he’s the only character that always wear a smile on his face, and he’s also pretty much the only one who never opens his eyes, throughout the series.

In a bid to put out all bits of information and analysis on Clavis’ personality, background and appearance, here is a blog you can always reference to that end.


Just like other arbiters in the series, Clavis is a character with a history or background to his own self. Maybe if the series gets a continuation, more about him might get revealed, but at the moment of writing this blog, nothing about Clavis’ past is known, or revealed, neither in the manga, nor in the anime.


From his haircut, one could nearly say Clavis might’ve had some affiliation with some Jap triad in his past life (if he had one). He’s one that never opens his eyes, but is nearly never seen without a smile on his face.

He has a yellow stripe on the left side of his bangs and spiky green hair with a yellow streak on the left side of his hair. When viewed from the rear, a red sidecut can be seen on both the left and right sides of his head. In addition to that, he has piercings in the right ear and the nose.

Just like the rest of the arbiters and workers have uniforms, his is a light brown jacket that resembles a blazer and has a dark brown collar and cuffs. He wears this jacket over a white shirt and a red tie. In addition to that, the hemlines of his coat are patterned with yellow hemlines, and there are two columns of yellow buttons on his coat. He fastens his pin on the left side of his collar and wears gloves with the outfit. He then completes his outfit with brown jeans and a pair of black leather shoes.


Clavis has a particular air of mystery around him, especially owing to the fact that he’s the only character in the series whose eyes no one has seen open. He’s also very humble, formal, diligent and loyal, especially to Nona. He’s the type of person you can trust with your misgivings, and even secrets, seeing as he’s proven beyond doubt his unwavering loyalty to Nona, despite knowing her experiment is against norms.

On a final note, about Clavis, apart from being the only character that’s shut-eyed in the anime, he’s also the only one that always wear a smile on his face, and is also very understanding of others, mostly doing their bidding without any questions.

Death Parade Clavis Happy Smiling
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