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Chi's Sweet Home - Chi XXL Glass (16 oz.) - ABYstyle

Chi's Sweet Home - Chi XXL Glass (16 oz.) - ABYstyle

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Product Description


Introducing the "Chi's Sweet Home - Chi XXL Glass" by ABYstyle! Satisfy your curiosity with this adorable glass featuring Chi, Japan's beloved kawaii kitty, and her new friend, Flutter the goldfish.


  • Captivating Design: The glass showcases a wrap-around fish-tank-themed design, complete with inside printing, creating a delightful visual experience. It features Chi and her new companion, Flutter the goldfish, capturing the charm and curiosity of their friendship.

  • Generous Size: With a capacity of 16 ounces, this XXL glass provides ample space for your favorite beverages. Hydrate in style while immersing yourself in the world of Chi's Sweet Home.

  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this glass is made from high-quality materials to ensure its durability. It's designed to withstand regular use and maintain its vibrant design.

  • Perfect for Cat Lovers: Whether you're a fan of Chi's Sweet Home or simply adore cats, this glass is the perfect way to showcase your love for all things feline. Embrace the cuteness and joy of Chi's adventures with every sip.

Product Information


Fandom: Chi's Sweet Home

Manufacturer: ABYstyle

Item Weight: 0.92 pounds

Item UPC: 810066350656

About the Manufacturer


ABYstyle is a prominent company in the realm of pop culture merchandise, recognized for its expertise in designing and distributing licensed products inspired by a diverse array of entertainment franchises. With a keen focus on popular movies, television series, video games, and anime, ABYstyle has carved out a niche for itself in the market by translating the essence of beloved characters and narratives into a wide range of consumer goods. From stylish apparel and accessories to eye-catching posters and collectibles, ABYstyle's product offerings cater to the preferences of fans who seek tangible connections with their favorite pop culture phenomena.

The company's commitment to quality and authenticity has earned it a strong reputation among enthusiasts worldwide. ABYstyle collaborates with various licensors to ensure that its merchandise not only resonates with the fan base but also adheres to the standards set by the intellectual property owners. This dedication to both creativity and compliance has positioned ABYstyle as a go-to destination for fans looking to express their passion for iconic franchises through an extensive and diverse selection of officially licensed products.

About the Fandom


Chi's Sweet Home is a heartwarming Japanese manga and anime series that follows the adventures of a curious and playful kitten named Chi. After becoming separated from her mother, Chi is found by a young boy named Youhei and his family, the Yamadas, who take her in despite their apartment's no-pet policy. The series chronicles Chi's daily life as she explores her new home, encounters other animals, and forms a deep bond with the Yamada family. Each episode is filled with Chi's endearing antics, capturing the innocence and curiosity of a young cat adjusting to her new environment.

As the series progresses, the Yamadas decide to move to a pet-friendly home, allowing Chi to stay with them permanently. This transition brings new experiences and challenges for Chi, including meeting new neighbors and their pets, exploring the outdoors, and adjusting to the changes in her environment. Chi's Sweet Home beautifully portrays the simple joys and trials of pet ownership, emphasizing themes of family, love, and companionship. The series' charming art style and gentle storytelling make it a delightful watch for audiences of all ages, especially those who appreciate the everyday adventures of a beloved pet.

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