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Dilbert: The Board Game - Hyperion

Dilbert: The Board Game - Hyperion

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Hilarious Community Play: Enjoy hilarious gameplay designed for 3–6 players, fostering laughter and camaraderie among participants.

Moderate Playing Time: Engage in moderate-length sessions lasting approximately 90 minutes, providing ample time for strategic planning and enjoyment.

Mature Audience: Tailored for players aged 14 and above, featuring content and humor suited for a mature audience.

Dilbert-themed Humor: Experience the wit and satire of the Dilbert comic strip in board game form, with humorous scenarios and challenges.

Workplace Shenanigans: Navigate through office-themed challenges and obstacles, reflecting the absurdities of corporate culture depicted in Dilbert.

Player Interaction: Encourages player interaction and engagement, with opportunities for negotiation, alliances, and friendly competition.

Variable Strategies: Explore different strategies and approaches to succeed in the workplace, from office politics to creative problem-solving.

Thematic Immersion: Immerse yourself in the world of Dilbert with thematic artwork, components, and scenarios that capture the essence of the comic strip.

Accessible Rules: Easy-to-understand rules make it accessible to players of all skill levels, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

Humorous Gameplay: Enjoyable for fans of the Dilbert comic strip and newcomers alike, providing laughter and entertainment throughout the game.

Product Description


"Dilbert: The Board Game" invites players into the zany world of corporate absurdities. Navigate through office politics, rightsizing dilemmas, and eccentric bosses reminiscent of the devil himself. In this game designed for 3-6 players aged 14 and up, you'll encounter evil HR directors, accounting trolls, and canine consultants as you strive to survive the workplace chaos.

Every project seems doomed from the start, so players must strategize to either pass the buck or thwart projects before they consume valuable time. It's a race to prioritize personal happiness amidst the chaos of office life. With approximately 90 minutes of playtime, "Dilbert: The Board Game" promises laughter and entertainment for all who venture into its satirical world.

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Dilbert: The Board Game

Product Information


Manufacturer: Hyperion

Year Manufacturered : 2006

Item Weight: 2.86 pounds

Item UPC: 9780978571634

Manufacturer Description


"The Dilbert Principle:
The most ineffective workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage: management.

Welcome to the absurdities of the business world: a place of rightsizing, vision statements, bungee bosses, peer reviews, total quality management and team-building exercises; a place where millennia of evolution is put to use in the struggle for the best cubicle and competition over office furniture.

In Dilbert™ the Board Game you and up to five friends toil in an office of evil HR directors, accounting trolls, canine consultants, and a boss who bears a suspicious resemblance to the devil. Every project assigned to you is doomed from the start, so your best bet is to dump it on someone else or try to get it killed before it eats away any more of your life. In fact, the only thing that really matters in the end is your own happiness. So why bother with work?

Dilbert™ is a hilarious board game for 3-6 players ages 14 and up, and requires about 90 minutes to play. "

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