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Dishonored - PlayStation 3

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Product Description

If you like action video games of the first-person shooter type, then "Dishonored" might be just what you're looking for unless you already own it. In this game, the player is an assassin with supernatural powers who is motivated by vengeance. This character uses many gadgets, weapons, and abilities with combat routines against their enemies. 

The character's name is Corvo Attano and he was the bodyguard of the Empress of the Isles. Despite all of this, he is accused and framed for her death. His revenge is against those who accused and framed him. The name of the city of Dunwall where whaling is the main source of income. The city also uses strange technology and otherworldly mysticism.

Dishonored is a game released in 2012. The game is designed with a variety of areas. Each area has its own missions and different ways in which you can explore them. Additionally, in each area, you can use only some super abilities and not others. 

This also means that you can complete the missions in different ways, just by changing your mind. This is very useful if you want to replay the game once you complete it.