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Mafia II - PlayStation 3

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Product Description

Being in the Mafia is not a very easy affair. There used to be a Golden Age for the Mafia in the US, and this "Mafia 2" video game for the PlayStation 3 will take you right into that era. 

In this game, you start as a taxi driver, hitman, or enforcer. Your goal is to become a well-established Mafia guy. For this, you'll have to explore more than 12 square miles of a city. This exploration means you also complete some 20 missions, all of them packed with action. 

The missions include:

  • car chases
  • mob hits
  • stop others from crossing your path
  • bank robberies

There are some 60 cars to choose from. They are modeled as realistically as possible. More than 12 types of weapons are at your disposal as well. Your enemies are the gangsters led by the Morello family as well as the police force led by John Law.

Don Salieri is your big boss and you can't cross him. Innocent people must be left unharmed as well.

The game is set in the later part of the 1940s. It was released in 2010 as a sequel to the "Mafia" game which was released in 2002. It makes use of all the illegal activities that the Mafia organization is well known for, including smuggling, extortion, and more.