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Mafia II - PlayStation 3

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Product Description

Mafia 2

Join the struggle for power as you rise from a lowly taxi driver to the ranks of a 1930s mob family. Explore over 12 square miles of a cleverly simulated city; he takes part in more than 20 action-packed missions ranging from mob hits to car chases; 60 realistically modeled cars with faithfully reproduced physics and over 12 weapons to stop anyone who dares to cross your path!

  • Start as a hitman, enforcer or escape driver, you will have to complete missions to earn the respect of other mobsters besides Don Salieri himself
  • Deal with the rival Morello family while controlling your rackets, see if you can run the whole game, extortion, smuggling and prostitution in the city of Lost Heaven
  • You'll need patience, skill, and precision with a Tommy Gun as you fight your way through 20 dangerous missions.
  • High speed car chases, porters, assassins, bank robberies and much more. You will have to do everything and avoid getting caught John Law
  • Remember, your actions have consequences, don't hit any innocent people unless you want the heat of the cops, and don't cross Don Salieri unless you want to wear cement shoes


There are two kinds of games: those that stand the test of time, and those that don't. I'm sad to report that Mafia is most definitely in the latter category. I was eager to play this PS2 port, as I remembered having quite enjoyed the PC version two years ago.

On one level, this is a very solid port. It certainly does a good job of translating the PC visuals to the PS2, especially in the cutscenes, which are rendered here is startling fidelity – an extremely impressive technical accomplishment.

So, while the plot and Depression-era ambience still held me rapt, the gameplay itself was, quite frankly, pretty dull at times. Most of this is due to the dreary driving sequences. Although they have raised the maximum speed limit to 60, tooling around on "pizza delivery" missions in an old jalopy just isn't that fun. There's still some good gunplay to be had, but games can't get by on the free-roaming city environment concept anymore. It's not enough to just create a living, breathing virtual world – you've got to give me something interesting to do in it. While I can still appreciate this game for its strengths, its flaws have become much more noticeable than they were when it launched on PC.

Port the old PC hit to PS2, while adding a lackluster racing mode

Technically, this is very sound, especially considering the difference between the systems' power

I love the music; it's reminiscent of Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown (Now, there's a selling point!)

Boy, this is pretty poor by today's standards

A great PC game in its day, but time has not been kind


7.75 out of 10
Matt Helgeson
March 20042nd Opinion:

For all of the skill evident in the authentic ambience and faithfully recreated 1930s cars and firearms, Mafia fails to deliver in the all-important gameplay department. A headache-inducing bouncy driving camera, bad on-foot controls, and some of the worst load times I've ever seen make this is a title only mob enthusiasts should consider.