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Doom 3 - Original Xbox

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Product Description

In 2004, the "Doom 3" video game was released for the Windows operating system, whereas those owning an Xbox received the game in 2005. 

The events from Doom 3 take place on planet Mars, in the year 2145. The planet has a research facility run by the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC). There are several fields in which the research is done, including teleportation, biological research, and advanced weapons design. 

Of course, things don't go as planned, and teleportation opened a doorway to a different reality where demons exist. As if this wasn't enough, the demons invaded Mars and they killed many of the people found on this planet. 

You're one of the few survivors, you control a space marine and you must fight those demons to prevent them from going to Earth. You'll have many weapons to choose from, however, you'll have to try and plan ahead how you'll fight. While there is also quite an inventory of hardware to use, you'll have a hard time finding some duct tape. 

The game comes with a 3D graphics engine, 6-channel surround sound, along with real-time dynamic lighting and shadows. All these features create quite a realistic gaming experience.