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Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Deluxe Edition) - Xbox One

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Product Description

If you like first-person shooter games, you could consider giving "Wolfenstein: Youngblood" listed here a try, especially if you own an Xbox One system. If the title sounds familiar, this is because this game is a spin-off of the Wolfenstein game series. 

This game was published in 2019, but the action takes place in 1980 in an alternate reality. At this point in time, it's been 19 years since BJ Blazkowicz started the second American Revolution. In this reality, Paris is occupied by the Nazis and called Neu Paris. 

In the "Wolfenstein: Youngblood" game, you control either Jess or Soph, who are BJ's twin daughters. BJ is missing in Paris and you must find him. Your mission doesn't end there because you can also help in dismantling the Nazi regime. 

In the heart of the catacombs of Paris, a new base of operations has been created. You'll recognize several other landmarks of this beautiful city, however, most of them are covered in graffiti. Additionally, Nazis dressed in leather will also walk the streets. 

This is a game where you can play alone or you can team up with a friend. If you play alone, an AI partner will be assigned as your partner. You might also like the music used for the game: all of it is inspired by the tunes played in the classic action movies of the 1980s.  

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