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Five Seals of Magic - Board Game - Mayday Games

Five Seals of Magic - Board Game - Mayday Games

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Mystical Dungeon Adventure: Immerse in the magical Arcana Tower dungeons, and conquer with strategy.

Player Range: Engaging board games for 2-5 players, fostering dynamic social play.

Playtime Efficiency: Sessions last 30-60 minutes, ensuring strategic and fun-filled gameplay.

Portable Entertainment: Easily portable for on-the-go gaming anytime, anywhere.

Social Fun: Ideal for family and friends, providing enjoyable group entertainment.

Compact Dimensions: Convenient 11.75x11.75x2.6 inches size for tabletop gaming.

Age-Appropriate Design: Suited for players aged 10 years and up, offering versatile gaming experiences.

Product Description


Embark on a mystical journey with "Five Seals of Magic," the captivating board game by Mayday Games. Step into the dungeons of the Arcana Tower, where magical trials await in the labyrinthine hallways. Concealed by dust, guarded by magic, and veiled in darkness, scrolls containing the potent spells of ancient enchanters lie waiting to be discovered. To emerge victorious and overcome your opponents, strategic collection of the most valuable scrolls is paramount. Only these mighty spells can elevate you to the esteemed status of the true Master of Magic. Immerse yourself in the enchanting challenge of "Five Seals of Magic," where each move takes you closer to unlocking the secrets hidden within the ancient scrolls and securing your mastery of the magical realm.

Box Contents


24 Colored Dice (6 for each element: Fire, Water, Earth and Air)

6 Two-sided Board Segments

120 Magical Seal Tokens

5 Mage figures

5 Familiar figures

130 Scroll cards

5 Guardian figures in different colors

First Player Marker


Product Information


Manufacturer: Mayday Games

Year Manufacturered : 2017

Item Weight: 3.45 pounds

Item UPC: 80162887565

Manufacturer Description


Welcome to the magical trial in the dungeons of the Arcana Tower! Here, in the hallways and dead ends of the labyrinth, hidden by dust and magic, protected by darkness and sealed away, lie scrolls containing the spells of the ancient enchanters. To overcome the trial and defeat your opponents, you will have to collect the most valuable scrolls, for only these powerful spells can turn you into the true Master of Magic!

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