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GoldenEye 007 Reloaded (Sharpshooter Move Bundle) - PlayStation 3

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Product Description

You've got your weapon out but the screen tells you that you're fresh out of ammo. You're frantically running in circles, waiting for an ammo box to reappear but luck is not on your side. After a quick peek at the screen, you know that your opponent has full health, powerful weaponry and is hot on your trail. Where's the ammo when you need it? Gunshots ring out and your character winces as your health flashes onscreen. Oddjob's on the upper level and he's shooting at you like fish in a barrel.

All new features
Play classic multiplayer modes

The classic shooter is back with all-new features. With more legendary characters, upgraded multiplayer capabilities, numerous controller options and stunning graphics, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded is here to quench your thirst for James Bond action. Unlock 11 challenge areas in the new MI-6 mode, and play Covert, Elimination, Defense and Assault game modes. Paintball, Melee Only, Golden Gun and other classic multiplayer action returns for split-screen and online fun. Blast classic Bond villains to smithereens using signature weapons. Take the action online and relive your favorite multiplayer shooter with up to 16 players. Take advantage of everything you remember about the classic multiplayer maps, and get to know four all-new layouts. Bond's back — and he's Reloaded. Are you?

Key Features:
Personalize and enhance your gameplay with more modifiers and weapon loadouts than ever before in both single- and multiplayer campaigns
Blast more classic Bond villains away using an impressive arsenal of powerful weapons
Play Covert, Elimination, Defense and Assault game modes across 11 unlockable challenge areas in the new MI-6 Ops mode
Enhance your single-player gameplay for the first time ever with campaign modifiers, including Infinite Ammo, Golden Gun, Paintball, RPG and more
Actively compete and compare your scores in unlockable and expanded time trial modes on time trial leaderboards
Play classic multiplayer modes for split-screen and online fun, including Paintball, Melee Only and Golden Gun, and discover all-new modes yet to be revealed
Engage in private bouts with classic health, classic weapons and more
Relive the legendary multiplayer maps and explore four all-new areas
Take out your enemies in classic multiplayer modes with brand-new characters, signature weapons, gadgets and abilities
Compete with up to 16 players online

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