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Gremlins - Gizmo Figure - Weta Workshop - Mini Epics

Gremlins - Gizmo Figure - Weta Workshop - Mini Epics

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Item Features & Details


Charming Design: Vinyl Gizmo Figure from Weta Workshop's Mini Epics collection, capturing the Mogwai's iconic appearance.

Detailed Sculpt: Sculpted by Mauro Santini with meticulous attention to detail, bringing Gizmo to life with expressive features.

Dimensions: Stands approximately 14 cm tall, 12 cm wide, and 16 cm deep, ideal for display on shelves or desks.

Collectible Packaging: Comes in a printed box, perfect for showcasing or gifting to Gremlins fans.

High-Quality Construction: Made from durable vinyl, ensuring long-lasting durability and vibrant colors.

Perfect Pairing: Collect alongside Stripe and other Mini Epics figures to complete your Gremlins collection display.

Product Description


Enter the mischievous world of Gremlins with the Gizmo Figure from Weta Workshop's Mini Epics collection. Crafted with meticulous detail, Gizmo is brought to life in vinyl form, capturing his endearing and iconic appearance from the beloved film series. Standing approximately 14 cm tall and measuring 12 cm wide and 16 cm deep, this figure is designed to impress on any shelf or display.

Sculpted by Mauro Santini, Gizmo's charm and personality shine through in every detail, from his expressive eyes to his fluffy fur. Whether you're a fan of the original Gremlins movie or simply appreciate high-quality collectibles, this figure offers a delightful addition to your collection. Pair him with Stripe for a dynamic display that pays homage to the Mogwai's adventures.

Packaged in a printed box, the Gizmo Figure by Weta Workshop arrives ready to showcase or gift to fellow Gremlins enthusiasts. Perfect for fans of all ages, this Mini Epics creation promises to bring a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your home, making it a must-have for collectors and movie buffs alike.

Box Contents


Gremlins - Gizmo Figure - Weta Workshop

Protective Packaging

Product Information


Manufacturer: Weta Workshop

Item Weight: 0.55 pounds

Item UPC: 9420024734414

Manufacturer Description


Weta Workshop's gang of vinyl EPICS has spawned, welcoming an all-new cast of mischievous Gremlins.

Fresh from his mold and casting cocoon, Stripe has been 3D sculpted by Mauro Santini. Ready to wreak havoc on your shelf? Collect your Mogwai ringleader and pair him up with Gizmo for the ultimate display.

It stands approx. 14 x 12 x 16 cm tall and comes in a printed box.

About the Manufacturer


Weta Workshop Products, a trailblazer in the world of collectibles and film-related merchandise, offers a stunning collection of officially licensed items that showcase the studio's exceptional craftsmanship. With a legacy rooted in film special effects and design, Weta Workshop brings to fans an array of products that capture the magic of beloved movies and TV series. From intricately detailed statues and prop replicas to unique collectibles, Weta Workshop's offerings cater to enthusiasts who seek to bring a piece of cinematic history into their homes. As a retailer, we are honored to present Weta Workshop Products, allowing fans to own and cherish meticulously crafted items that reflect the studio's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Renowned for its dedication to quality and authenticity, Weta Workshop has earned a global reputation among collectors and fans of film and fantasy. The studio collaborates closely with licensors to ensure that each product not only resonates authentically with the fan base but also upholds the high standards set by intellectual property owners. This commitment to both creative expression and compliance positions Weta Workshop as a trusted destination for fans looking to express their passion for iconic films through officially licensed products. As a retailer, we are delighted to offer Weta Workshop's meticulously crafted items, allowing collectors to enhance their collections with stunning and officially licensed pieces that showcase the artistry and innovation of Weta Workshop.

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