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Labyrinth (1986) - Sarah Williams with Worm Figure - Weta Workshop - Mini Epics

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Product Description

There are many people who grew up watching the movie Labyrinth. A figurine with Sara holding Worm is surely something they would like to have. Such a figurine is exactly what Weta has for them here.

However, this figurine is a limited edition one and a variation of the one representing Sarah alone. Weta also made a "regular" Sarah figurine and the two of them have a height: of 5.80 inches or 14.3 cm. Being so small is why the statues are called "Mini Epic." The names of the 2 Sarah figurines are different though:

  • Sarah Williams for the "regular" version
  • Sarah with Worm for the limited edition version

All the details have been carefully thought out by an army of craftsmen that includes artists, technicians, and producers, but not only.

Jareth and Ludo are also available as Mini Epic figurines. Display them all for a real party!