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Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek - Xbox One

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Product Description

"Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek" is a prequel to the "Hello Neighbor" video game. "Hello Neighbor" is a Russian game that was initially released as alpha back in 2016 and 2017. The type of game is survival horror and stealth.  

In this prequel, published in 2018, you and your brother play the popular kids' game hide-and-seek. However, you also have to deal with the loss of a family member.

The events of the game take place a few years before the original game. They show how Mr. Perterson, who is The Neighbor, became a recluse. In this game installment, the player controls Mya, the daughter of Mr. Peterson. Her brother's name is Aaron. 

The story is immersive, however, a little bit confusing at first. This is because the events are shown as cut scenes. They reveal that the deceased family member is the children's mother, due to a car accident.  

The game uses advanced self-learning artificial intelligence, an interactive environment, as well as 5 fantasy worlds to explore. 

You can play this release on both Xbox One and Xbox One S. There's no installation required, all you have to do is to insert the disk and go. For those who want to play this game with their friends, this is sadly not possible because it's a single-player type of game. 

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