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Human Era - Board Game

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Product Description

Human Era is a thrilling social deduction game designed for 4-10 players, where you and your mixed crew of humans, machines, and cyborgs are aboard the last time machine to save space and time from the chaos unleashed by human time travel. The game is set in the aftermath of humanity's discovery of time travel, which has caused time itself to fall apart along with civilization. As a result, you must work together to repair the space-time continuum before it's too late. But be careful, as there are machines and cyborgs disguised as humans with their own goals in mind, some of which involve preserving their existence or causing chaos.

Human Era features a democratic decision-making system in which the crew must decide who is best equipped to repair time by returning beings to their appropriate eras, all while fuel runs dangerously low. With a pink die, 66 Being cards, 10 Identity cards, 1 score tracker card, a hex board, a cardboard wrench, a cardboard nut, and an instruction booklet, the fate of space and time is in your hands. Will you repair the damage caused by human time travel, or will you succumb to the chaos? The choice is yours in Human Era.