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LEGO - Atlantis - Neptune Carrier - 8075

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Product Description

Join the Deep Salvage Crew as they embark on an exciting quest to discover the sunken city of Atlantis with the LEGO Atlantis Neptune Carrier - 8075. Face the fierce Manta Warrior and its battle stingray in an epic underwater battle for the green Atlantis treasure key. 


  • Armored Neptune Carrier submarine: Launch your defense with the powerful Neptune Carrier submarine. This heavily armored vessel is equipped with quad flick-launching torpedoes, allowing you to retaliate against attackers. The submarine measures an impressive 12 inches (30cm) long, providing ample space for action-packed play.

  • Scout mini-sub and seabed rover: Increase your chances of success with the included scout mini-sub and seabed rover. The mini-sub scouts the ocean floor, while the rover scours the seabed for clues and hidden treasures. Deploy these vehicles to even the odds and gain an advantage in your search for Atlantis.

  • Minifigures included: The set features a Manta Warrior Minifigure armed with a trident, ready to defend the sunken city. Additionally, three deep-sea diver minifigures join the crew. Each minifigure is intricately designed and equipped for underwater exploration.

  • Collectable green Atlantis treasure key: Discover the power of the collectable green Atlantis treasure key included in this set. Add it to your collection and unlock more secrets in other LEGO Atlantis sets. Collect all the treasure keys for the ultimate Atlantis adventure.

  • Interactive play features: Fire the four flick-launching torpedoes, scout the ocean floor with the mini-sub, and scour the seabed with the rover. These interactive features add excitement and endless possibilities to your underwater adventures.

  • Award-winning set: The Neptune Carrier has received the National Parenting Seal of Approval, a testament to its quality, entertainment value, and educational benefits.