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LEGO - Atlantis - Seabed Scavenger - 8059

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO Atlantis Seabed Scavenger (8059) - Dive into the depths of the ocean and embark on an epic adventure in search of the legendary city of Atlantis! This action-packed LEGO set guarantees hours of imaginative play, allowing you to explore the mysterious underwater world like never before. 


  • Uncover hidden secrets: The Seabed Scavenger leaves no coral-covered rock unturned as it roams the ocean floor, searching for clues that will lead you to the long-lost Atlantis.

  • Exciting discovery: As you maneuver the 3-wheeled vehicle, be prepared for a thrilling surprise! Spot a glint of light and follow it to find the fabled green treasure key, a key that holds the key to unlocking the secrets of Atlantis.

  • Encounter the Manta Warrior: But beware! The treasure key is fiercely guarded by a formidable Manta Warrior, armed with a trident and ready for battle. Will you be able to outsmart and overcome this formidable foe?

  • Powerful weaponry: Equipped with a grab claw, spinning saw weapon, and flick-firing torpedoes, the Seabed Scavenger is ready for any challenge that awaits. Engage in an intense showdown with the Manta Warrior and demonstrate your skills in this epic battle of wits and strategy.

  • Minifigures included: The set features a Manta Warrior minifigure and a deep-sea diver minifigure, allowing you to role-play different scenarios and create thrilling underwater adventures.

  • Collectable green treasure key: As a prized possession, the green treasure key adds a touch of mystique to your LEGO collection. Keep it safe and unlock the secrets of Atlantis!

  • Expand your collection: The Seabed Scavenger is part of the LEGO Atlantis series, offering a range of exciting sets to collect and combine. Build an entire underwater world and continue your quest to discover the lost city of Atlantis.

  • Impressive size: This set measures approximately 10" (25cm) in length, making it a substantial addition to your LEGO collection and ensuring a visually striking display.