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LEGO - Atlantis - Ocean Speeder - 7976

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO Atlantis Ocean Speeder (7976) - an exciting underwater adventure awaits! Join Lance Spears as he dives into the depths of the ocean in search of ancient treasures. With detailed features and action-packed elements, this set promises endless imaginative play. 


  • Lance Spears Minifigure: Join Lance Spears, the fearless treasure hunter, as he explores the mysterious underwater world of Atlantis. Equipped with diving gear, Lance is ready to face any challenge that comes his way.

  • Ocean Speeder: The Ocean Speeder is Lance's trusty vehicle, designed to navigate the treacherous depths with ease. With its sleek design and movable propellers, the Speeder can swiftly maneuver through the underwater terrain.

  • Arms and Harpoon: The Ocean Speeder is armed with powerful gripping arms that can grab hold of precious treasures. Additionally, it features a functioning harpoon, allowing Lance to defend himself against any lurking dangers.

  • Compact Size: The Ocean Speeder measures 3" (7cm) wide, making it the perfect size for exploring narrow underwater caves and hidden crevices. It's designed to be compact yet sturdy, ensuring a smooth underwater expedition.

  • Sea Snake: Beware of the dangerous sea snake! As Lance dives deeper, he must avoid the serpent's grasp. Will he be able to outsmart the slippery creature and secure the treasure?

  • Treasure and Gold Elements: Discover a trove of hidden treasures as you unearth the secrets of Atlantis. This set includes a treasure chest filled with rare gold elements, adding to the excitement of the adventure.