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LEGO - Atlantis - Shadow Snapper - 8079

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Product Description

Prepare for an intense battle against the fearsome Shadow Snapper with the LEGO Atlantis Shadow Snapper - 8079. This armored sea creature is every deep-sea diver's worst nightmare. 


  • Ferocious Shadow Snapper: The Shadow Snapper is covered in armored spikes, equipped with razor-sharp claws, and brimming with menacing teeth. Its amphibious nature makes it a formidable opponent in the depths of the ocean.

  • Super-fast combat sub: The Deep Salvage Crew diver must rely on a super-fast combat sub to outmaneuver the Shadow Snapper. The sub is equipped with dual flick-launching torpedoes for a powerful counter-attack.

  • High-stakes treasure hunt: Retrieve the yellow Atlantis treasure key from the clutches of the Shadow Snapper. Will the diver be able to escape with the prize or fall victim to this lurking leviathan?

  • Includes deep-sea diver minifigure: Join the brave deep-sea diver as he faces the ultimate challenge. The set includes a minifigure ready for action and equipped to confront the Shadow Snapper.

  • Interactive play features: Fire the sub's dual flick-launching torpedoes to defend against the Shadow Snapper's attack. The sub's propeller really spins, adding to the excitement and realism of the underwater battle.

  • Measurements: The Shadow Snapper measures 8 inches (20cm) long, while the combat sub measures 5 inches (12cm) long. The set's size and attention to detail enhance the immersive play experience.