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LEGO - Atlantis - Typhoon Turbo Sub - 8060

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Product Description

The Typhoon Turbo Sub dives into action! Explore the mysterious depths of the ocean with this exciting LEGO Atlantis set. Equipped with advanced features and a sleek design, the Typhoon Turbo Sub is ready to take on any underwater adventure.


  • Dive into the unknown: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Atlantis and embark on thrilling underwater missions. The Typhoon Turbo Sub is your trusted companion for discovering hidden treasures and mythical sea creatures.

  • Detailed design: The Typhoon Turbo Sub boasts an impressive design that captures the essence of underwater exploration. With its sleek lines, vibrant colors, and intricate details, this LEGO set will delight both builders and collectors alike.

  • Functional features: This set comes with an array of functional features to enhance your play experience. The Turbo Sub features a spinning propeller, adjustable fins, a cockpit that opens to accommodate the included minifigure, and a harpoon launcher to defend against enemies.

  • Minifigure included: Join the brave diver on his quest for Atlantis. The set includes a detailed minifigure equipped with a diving helmet and flippers, ready to take on the challenges that lie beneath the ocean's surface.

  • Compatible with other LEGO sets: Expand your LEGO Atlantis collection and combine the Typhoon Turbo Sub with other sets to create even more exciting underwater adventures. Let your imagination run wild as you build and explore your own unique Atlantis world.

  • Educational and imaginative play: LEGO sets encourage creativity, problem-solving skills, and imaginative play. With the Typhoon Turbo Sub, children can dive into a world of imagination while learning about teamwork, exploration, and the wonders of the deep sea.

  • High-quality construction: LEGO is renowned for its commitment to quality, ensuring that every piece is durable and long-lasting. The Typhoon Turbo Sub is made from high-quality plastic, guaranteeing countless hours of fun and enjoyment.