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LEGO - Atlantis - Undersea Explorer - 8080

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Product Description

Embark on an exciting expedition with the LEGO Atlantis Undersea Explorer - 8080. Dive into the depths of the ocean floor in search of the elusive red Atlantis treasure key. But beware! A massive guardian sea serpent awaits your arrival. 


  • Undersea explorer and heroic diver: Join the heroic diver Minifigure as he navigates the treacherous ocean floor. Equipped with his diving gear, he is determined to locate the red Atlantis treasure key.

  • Transformable design: The undersea explorer can switch between two configurations. In rover mode, it traverses the seabed, but when danger strikes, it transforms into a towering robot. This robot is armed with a torpedo launcher and a grappling arm for self-defense.

  • Red Atlantis treasure key: Discover the power of the red Atlantis treasure key included in this set. It adds an element of mystery and serves as a vital item for unlocking further adventures in the Atlantis series.

  • Battle the sea serpent: Engage in a thrilling battle with the huge guardian sea serpent. Will you outwit the serpent's cunning tactics and secure the treasure key?

  • Impressive measurements: The sea serpent measures 13 inches (33cm) long, while the undersea explorer measures over 5 inches (14cm) long in rover configuration and over 7 inches (19cm) tall in robot configuration. These measurements add to the visual appeal and playability of the set.