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LEGO - Atlantis - Wreck Raider - 8057

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Product Description

Introducing the LEGO Atlantis Wreck Raider 8057 - Dive into a thrilling underwater adventure and capture the blue treasure key from the formidable Shark Warrior! This action-packed set brings the sunken city of Atlantis to life, providing hours of imaginative play for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. 


  • Exciting Mission: Embark on an exciting mission as the deep-sea diver explores the mysterious ocean depths aboard the high-speed scooter sub. Uncover the treasure key that holds the key to the legendary Atlantis!

  • Wreck Raider Design: The Wreck Raider features twin turbines and flick-launching harpoons, giving it the speed and firepower needed to outmaneuver and defeat the trident-wielding Shark Warrior. Will you be able to outsmart this fierce opponent and claim the blue treasure key for yourself?

  • Minifigures Included: This set includes two detailed minifigures - the menacing Shark Warrior with a trident and the brave deep-sea diver. Engage in epic underwater battles and create thrilling scenarios with these collectible figures.

  • Collectable Blue Treasure Key: Discover the collectable blue Atlantis treasure key, an essential artifact in your quest to unlock the secrets of the lost city. Guarded by the Shark Warrior, this key holds the power to unveil the ancient wonders of Atlantis.

  • Impressive Size: The LEGO Atlantis Wreck Raider measures over 3" (8cm) long, making it a substantial addition to your LEGO collection. Its compact yet detailed design ensures that it's both visually appealing and functional for immersive play.

  • Endless Play Possibilities: With LEGO's renowned versatility, this set offers limitless play possibilities. Use your creativity to construct intricate underwater scenes, embark on daring missions, and recreate exciting battles between the deep-sea diver and the Shark Warrior.