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Magic: The Gathering - Battle for Zendikar - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Zendikar's Rage

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Product Description

The Zendikar expansion for the Magic: The Gathering was released in 2015. This expansion comes with 5 intro decks that are preconstructed. An "intro" deck is meant for both new and experienced players. They either get to learn the mechanics of the game or of the new expansion.

The colors of the Zendikar's Rage are green and red, something that may not matter to those who have any sort of color blindness. In this card deck, there are 21 Creatures, 26 Lands, 2 Enchantments, 7 Sorceries, and 4 Instants. 

The main mechanic of this deck is the landslide, given the high amount of Land cards in it. 

Zendikar's Rage Decklist:


Creatures (21)

1x Grove Rumbler
1x Makindi Sliderunner
1x Murasa Ranger
1x Oran-Rief Hydra
1x Rot Shambler
1x Scythe Leopard
1x Valakut Predator
2x Broodhunter Wurm
2x Lavastep Raider
2x Oran-Rief Invoker
2x Snapping Gnarlid
2x Territorial Baloth
2x Tunneling Geopede
2x Valakut Invoker

Enchantments (2)

1x Retreat to Kazandu
1x Retreat to Valakut

Sorceries (7)

1x Nissa's Renewal
1x Reclaiming Vines
1x Rolling Thunder
2x Seek the Wilds
2x Sylvan Scrying

Instants (4)

1x Natural Connection
1x Stonefury
1x Sure Strike
1x Swell of Growth

Lands (26)

1x Blighted Woodland
2x Fertile Thicket
3x Evolving Wilds
10x Forest
10x Mountain