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Magic: The Gathering [Battle for Zendikar] - Zendikar's Rage Intro Pack (Theme Deck)

Magic: The Gathering [Battle for Zendikar] - Zendikar's Rage Intro Pack (Theme Deck)

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Deck Colors: Green / Red

Zendikar's Rage Decklist


  • 1x Grove Rumbler
  • 1x Makindi Sliderunner
  • 1x Murasa Ranger
  • 1x Oran-Rief Hydra
  • 1x Rot Shambler
  • 1x Scythe Leopard
  • 1x Valakut Predator
  • 2x Broodhunter Wurm
  • 2x Lavastep Raider
  • 2x Oran-Rief Invoker
  • 2x Snapping Gnarlid
  • 2x Territorial Baloth
  • 2x Tunneling Geopede
  • 2x Valakut Invoker
  • 1x Retreat to Kazandu
  • 1x Retreat to Valakut
  • 1x Nissas Renewal
  • 1x Reclaiming Vines
  • 1x Rolling Thunder
  • 2x Seek the Wilds
  • 2x Sylvan Scrying
  • 1x Natural Connection
  • 1x Stonefury
  • 1x Sure Strike
  • 1x Swell of Growth
  • 1x Blighted Woodland
  • 2x Fertile Thicket
  • 3x Evolving Wilds
  • 10x Forest
  • 10x Mountain

Item Features & Details


Zendikar's Rage Theme Deck: Immerse yourself in the "Battle for Zendikar" with the Zendikar's Rage Intro Pack, a strategically curated theme deck for captivating gameplay.

Eldrazi Scions Synergy: Harness the power of ready-made-to-sacrifice Eldrazi Scions, forming a crucial component of the deck's tactical approach.

Powerful Cards from Tarkir Block: Infused with several potent cards from the Tarkir block, this deck showcases a diverse and formidable array of spells and creatures.

Magic Origins Influence: Drawing inspiration from Magic Origins, the deck incorporates impactful cards that contribute to the creation of a relentless horde of token creatures.

Token Creature Onslaught: Strategically create a horde of token creatures, capable of overwhelming opponents in combat, fueling potent spells, and providing sustenance for larger creatures.

Versatile Gameplay: Whether burying opponents in combat, unleashing powerful spells, or feeding larger creatures, Zendikar's Rage offers a versatile and dynamic gameplay experience.

Product Description


Embark on a riveting journey through the tumultuous landscapes of Zendikar with the "Magic: The Gathering [Battle for Zendikar] - Zendikar's Rage Intro Pack." Crafted to deliver a strategic and formidable gameplay experience, this theme deck seamlessly combines Eldrazi Scions ready for sacrifice with potent cards from the Tarkir block and Magic Origins. The result is a deck that effortlessly conjures a horde of token creatures, poised to overwhelm opponents in the heat of combat. Zendikar's Rage is not merely a deck; it's a tactical arsenal capable of fueling potent spells, sustaining larger creatures, and strategically burying adversaries under the sheer force of its summoned horde.

Unleash the might of Zendikar with this expertly curated theme deck, where each card contributes to the relentless onslaught of token creatures. From the ready-made Eldrazi Scions to the synergistic selection of Tarkir block and Magic Origins cards, Zendikar's Rage is a testament to the dynamic and strategic depth of Magic: The Gathering. Whether you're a seasoned planeswalker or a newcomer to the multiverse, this theme deck invites you to harness the rage of Zendikar and command an army capable of reshaping the battlefield and achieving victory in spectacular fashion.

Box Contents


Zendikar's Rage Intro Pack (Theme Deck)

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Product Information


Fandom: Magic: The Gathering

Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

Item Weight: 0.55 pounds

Item UPC: 630509305209

Manufacturer Description


Combining the ready-made-to-sacrifice Eldrazi Scions with several powerful cards from tarkir block and Magic Origins, this deck can create a horde of token creatures capable of burying the opponent in combat, fueling powerful spells, or feeding larger creatures.

About the Manufacturer


Wizards of the Coast Products stands at the forefront of the gaming and entertainment industry, offering a diverse and captivating range of officially licensed merchandise inspired by iconic franchises. Renowned for its expertise in tabletop gaming, Wizards of the Coast has expanded its influence to include a wide array of consumer goods that cater to fans of Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and other beloved properties. From intricately designed collectibles to engaging board games, Wizards of the Coast Products provides enthusiasts with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich worlds of fantasy and strategy that have made the company a household name in the gaming community.

With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and authenticity, Wizards of the Coast Products has earned a global reputation among gaming enthusiasts. The company collaborates closely with licensors to ensure that each piece of merchandise not only resonates authentically with the fan base but also aligns with the rigorous standards set by intellectual property owners. This dedication to both creative expression and compliance positions Wizards of the Coast Products as a trusted destination for fans seeking top-tier officially licensed products. As a retailer, we are proud to offer Wizards of the Coast's meticulously crafted items, providing fans with the opportunity to enhance their collections with the best in tabletop gaming and entertainment memorabilia.

About the Fandom


Magic: The Gathering, commonly known as Magic or MTG, stands as a preeminent collectible card game renowned for its intricate mechanics and immersive lore. Originating from the creative mind of mathematician Richard Garfield, the game debuted in 1993 under the banner of Wizards of the Coast, swiftly captivating a global audience. Within this expansive universe, players embody the personas of formidable Planeswalkers, wielding magic across an intricate multiverse brimming with diverse planes, each teeming with its own fantastical inhabitants and mystical energies.

In the realm of Magic, participants assemble decks comprised of spells, creatures, and artifacts, engaging in strategic duels against fellow players. Its gameplay mechanics pivot around resource management, synergistic card combinations, and nuanced decision-making, affording players a rich tapestry of strategic avenues to explore. Over the years, Magic has cultivated a sprawling tapestry of lore, continually expanding through the release of new card sets that introduce fresh characters, realms, and gameplay dynamics. Beyond its gameplay, Magic has cultivated a fervent following, manifesting in organized play events, vibrant online communities, and an extensive array of merchandise, spanning novels, comics, video games, and collectible merchandise.

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