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Magic: The Gathering - Journey Into Nyx - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Mortals of Myth

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Product Description

The Mortals of Myth is one of the 5 intro premade trading card decks designed for the Journey into Nyx game expansion. This expansion is for the Magic: The Gathering game. 

If you already play MTG, then perhaps you already know more about this deck. If you just started playing, then you might want to know more about this deck. Its colors are white and green. All intro decks in this expansion have only 2 colors. The Heroic mechanic is the main theme of this deck. 

The types of cards included are Lands (26), Creatures (19), Enchantments (6), Instants (8), and Artifacts (1). The Dawnbringer Charioteers card is special because it has a holographic foil. This deck also contains 2 booster packs, a guide to the game, and the strategy sheet. 

Mortals of Myth Decklist:

Creatures (19)

2x Akroan Mastiff
1x Akroan Skyguard
1x Dawnbringer Charioteers
1x Elite Skirmisher
2x Golden Hind
2x Lagonna-Band Trailblazer
1x Oreskos Swiftclaw
1x Phalanx Leader
2x Pheres-Band Thunderhoof
1x Quarry Colossus
1x Skyspear Cavalry
2x Supply-Line Cranes
1x Vanguard of Brimaz
1x Wingsteed Rider

Artifacts (1)

1x Spear of Heliod

Enchantments (6)

2x Banishing Light
1x Font of Vigor
2x Oppressive Rays
1x Raised by Wolves

Instants (8)

2x Ajani's Presence
2x Colossal Heroics
1x Consign to Dust
1x Nature's Panoply
1x Phalanx Formation
1x Solidarity of Heroes

Lands (26)

11x Forest
15x Plains